Safety, quality and innovation… together once again!

Help prevent accidents where people and material handling equipment share the same space in your facility.
Perfect for blind corners and busy intersections in your facility.

The award-winning Safe-T-Signal Warning System detects traffic from all directions and communicates with high-visibility traffic control LED symbols to the oncoming traffic.

If traffic is detected approaching from one direction then an amber LED yield signal is presented to the other directions. When traffic is detected from two or more directions then a red LED stop signal will be presented to the approaching traffic and a blue LED light will illuminate on the floor; directions with no detected traffic will be presented with an amber LED signal.

Rite-Hite SAFE-T-SIGNAL | installazione


  • Traffic detection from all directions
  • Unidirectional microwave sensors differentiate approaching traffic
  • Designed for four-way, three-way and two-way intersections
  • Adjustable detection zone and sensitivity
  • Communicates using yellow LED yield sign and red LED stop sign
  • When two or more red LED stop signs appear, a blue (or red) LED light is also projected onto the floor
  • Easy ceiling mounting
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Adjustable light brightness

Award winner – PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2017.


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