Alascom: collaborative robotics with Mobot

Alascom - MobotAlascom: collaborative robotics with Mobot

Alascom, a leading company in Systems Integration in robotics, automation and intralogistics, is always ready to take on challenges, especially in this historical period in which companies are asking to become more resilienti – that is to be able to continue (where possible) to produce while the staff is organized in a flexible way, with non-predefined hours, as the supply chain and production processes have to adapt quickly to changes in market conditions.

To meet these demands, the Alascom Research & Development team has developed a mobile collaborative robotics solution combining the peculiarities of the new generation collaborative robotics and the mobility offered by the new autonomous mobile robots (AMR – Autonomous Mobile Robot). The result is called Mobot: a flexible mobile robot capable of automating multiple applications with a high ROI (return on investment).

Some of its features

The Mobot reduces, by integrating, but can even eliminate the need for a fixed position and non-flexible material transport equipment, such as conveyors. Mobot allows you to tailor fulfillment operations to eCommerce workspaces. This frees up valuable warehouse space to accommodate seasonal peak work and equipment such as movable walls. The Mobot with advanced functionality unlocks a variety of new solutions in distribution and logistics centers. Mobot AL-10 solutions are powerful, highly adaptable and attractive investments given their potential to drive efficiencies that substantially increase margins.

After 70 years of slow evolution in mobile robot technology, Mobot AL-10 solutions are now on the verge of truly transforming the supply chain. Despite the long wait, the new pace of change will be disruptive.

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