Alascoma leading company in Systems Integration in robotics, automation and intralogistics, is always ready to take up challenges, and in particular in this historical period where companies are asking to become more resilient, that is to be able to continue (where possible) to produce while for the staff it is organized in a flexible way, with non-predefined hours, where the supply chain and production processes have to adapt quickly to changes in market conditions.

To meet these demands, Alascom’s Research & Development team has developed a mobile collaborative robotics solution combining the peculiarities of new generation collaborative robotics and the mobility offered by the new Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). The result is Mobot AL-10: a flexible mobile robot capable of automating multiple applications with a high ROI (Return On Investment).

Alascom | Mobot AL-10Mobot AL-10 in detail

Mobot AL-10 has an autonomy of at least 8 hours, making it a unique solution that optimizes the workflow.
It has different payloads for both application – collaborative robot and service (AMR mobile robot). It is available in different models to fulfill all needs.
The Mobot AL-10 has a modular structure where the use of telescopic arms, or interlocking tops or tops with variable space containers, allows flexibility to carry out multiple applications at the same time.

The versatility of the Mobot AL-10 is enriched by advanced gripping systems (soft grippers, flexible grippers, adaptive grippers), integrated by advanced vision systems, real-time scanning sensors, combined with the ability to move autonomously within a working environment, allows the system to take charge of different activity phases in a dynamic and efficient way.

A proprietary software

The Mobot Al-10 is controlled by Alascom proprietary software which orchestrates the various sensors and devices in real-time as well as interacts with the robot control software. Adding and removing “objects” from the architecture dynamically offers a unique application flexibility on the market.

Mobot AL-10: the benefits

The direct and indirect benefits derived from the adoption of one or more Mobot AL-10 within the company can be summarized as follows:


  • The application taken in charge can be carried out continuously without pauses for the entire work shift or extended for several shifts until to cover 24 hours. This means increasing in efficiency, productivity and time reduction required to achieve ROI
  • Accuracy in the operations carried out, close to 99%
  • Compliance with the various ISO regulations on safety at work. The personnel can share the same workspace or stay around during the movement
  • The use of new technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows the system to move freely and avoid dynamic obstacles (for example stationary people) without ever stopping its activity.
  • Reduction of accidental damage and injuries due to human error
  • Flexibility of the applications carried out: thanks to the change tool (automatic or manual) at the head of the robot, the system can carry out different activities during a work shift (pick & place, bar codes reading, high resolution reading for QC, tending, milling, grinding, polishing, screwing, gluing, etc)
  • Flexibility in work: thanks to its mobility (and the changing tool), the system can autonomously carry out different tasks in different positions in time.
  • Always connected: thanks to the WiFi / 5G system, the system is able to communicate constantly and bidirectionally with the production and logistics information system (MES, WMS), with the company information system (ERP) or directly with others devices (e.g. hoists, elevators, conveyors, door openers, etc)
  • fixed and linear costs over time (not subject to the general dynamics of labor costs)
  • In addition to CAPEX (purchase, leasing), the service (OPEX) purchase option guaranteeing the flexibility to reshape the number of units, for example in the face of peaks in activity.
  • Compliant with the “Transizione 4.0” plan, it allows access to all Italian government facilities.


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