FRUVECO S.A. is a company born in 1986 in the prolific area of Murcia and Almería, also known as “European garden” because of the huge amount of land suitable for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.From small fruit and vegetable company, FRUVECO in a few years has become a huge international company specializing in the production of high quality frozen vegetable products.Fixed point of its history is the great attention given to the products, carefully chosen and created according the respect and environmental protection policies, as well as the high technical standards required for any machine included in the production chain. The attention paid to quality and technology has pushed FRUVECO to turn to Automha for the creation of their automated warehouse used for storing the finished product, before managed through a small internal warehouse and external logistics companies.

The new warehouse designed by Automha is located in a different area than the old warehouse and covers an area of 156x65x44 m. Apparently the problem was the need to create a large stock at low temperature, usually poorly tolerated by mechanical and electronic systems. However, unlike other systems on the market, all the Automha machines and  systems are able to work from -35C ° to + 55C ° without changing their performance, which has pushed the Spanish company to turn to the Italian society.
The warehouse has a total capacity of 60,000 pallet places, and the load units entered are of two dimensions: 1200x800x144 and 1200x1000x144 for a maximum weight of 1000 kg.
The warehouse is composed by:

  • 26 AUTOSATMOVERon 13 levels and 2 modules
  • 4 LIFTER, 2 for each module, used for the entrance and exit of the pallets in the lane
  • 8 input/output bidirectional lines
  • 12 shuttle Rushmover that put in communication the loading and unloading zone truck with the input lines of the warehouse
  • 1 automatic truck unloading area, characterized by a trailer fitted with roller conveyors on board. These trucks come from domestic production
  • 1 manual unloading zone, for truck coming from any external productions
  • 5 pallet bays and sorting out orders, characterized by gravity roller conveyors to twin-load management. From here the products are brought into one of the 5 cargo areas, where the orders are loaded and shipped.

The loading and unloading zone, shipping and Rushmover is at a temperature of -11C °, while the the effective storage area has a -30 ° C temperature. This has allowed not to create a cavedium area before the entrance of the shelving, since the progressive lowering of the temperature does not generate condenses.


The solution with AUTOSATMOVER allows the company to optimize its full spaces and significantly decrease the time needed for the input and output management maneuvers of the goods in stock. In addition, this solution eliminates almost completely the presence of operators in the refrigerated area, which can easily be handled from the outside through the warehouse management software AWM.
Important advantage is to can use a technology able to allow significant energy and cost savings compared to a system with AS / RS, respecting the environmental policy embraced by FRUVECO. The solution proposed by Automha also allows to internally manage a greater quantity of products, ensuring traceability and the high quality level of each stage of production and management, until the arrival at the distribution centers; this also allows to the company considerable economic savings, having no longer need to rely on third parties.

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