China Tobacco Bengbu is building a new factory outside of the city due to the fact that the downtown factory had to be closed.
The new factory is designed with the latest technology and equipment that meets the industry 4.0 standard.

The Problem

China Tobacco Bengbu factory had to be designed with the latest technology and realized industry 4.0; a fact that required not only a completely automated production line, but also a fully automatic warehouse that had to be connected directly to the automatic production line. Furthermore, the factory area is limited – thus requiring a very compact solution to realize the maximum pallet position. To make the choice of the partner difficult, however, were three important aspects: the need to realize maximum pallet positions within limited space, the need to store in multi-depth keeping extremely high cyclical cycles and the peculiar handling of the “case pallet”, a pallet of dimensions specifications and structure for China tobacco industry.
Both these requirements have led to the choice of AUTOMHA, a company that first created and invented high density solutions with patented the first fully automatic and modular machine able to store goods in multi-depth with high speeds and maximum precision, AUTOSATMOVER.

The Solution

Autosatmover | Automha | China TobaccoThe solution proposed by AUTOMHA consists in the creation of a FIFO solution with a length of 69 meters and a height of 27 meters. Due to the customer’s special requirement for their production process, the efficiency for inbound and outbound is not the same, with different working hours for inbound and outbound. AUTOMHA developed the first solution with 1 mover+2 SuperCAP to increase the efficiency of inbound area, for electric and software need to be innovated for this kind of solution. The ability of AUTOMHA machines to meet customer’s special requirement is due to careful and precise mechanical and electronic measures, supported by the R&D department of the Italian Headquarters.

The warehouse created by AUTOMHA makes it possible to store a total number of load units equal to 1,560, for a maximum weight of each UDC of 1000 kg. The system also guarantees movements of 80 pallets per hour outbound, 100 pallets per hour inbound.


The client company was able to take full advantage of the limited space, maximizing the ability to process orders and store goods, which are fundamental characteristics for China tobacco automatic production line. AutoMHA mover products is very stable and reliable which server 7x24hours non-stop. Even during the maintenance period, the warehouse is still keep running, thanks to AutoMHA Mover work independently per level.

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