Automha is internationally recognized as the best provider in the textile sector and has among its customers names such as BruTextile, European leader in the supply of fabrics for furniture and upholstery, for which it has created the warehouse of rolls of fabric more capacious and avant-garde in the world. But Automha’s professionalism has reached Asia, where the company boasts numerous references, among which Shahi. 

Established in 1974 by Mrs. Sarla Ahuja, Shahi has grown to become India’s largest apparel manufacturer, operating 65 factories and 3 processing mills across 9 states. They have over 100,000 employees, including 67,000 women.
Shahi’s vertically integrated textile operations and high-end, value-added services are at the cutting edge of innovation in the apparel industry. The high degree of vertically integrated operations of the logistics and production activities has made it a flexible company with a rapid level of adaptation to the market, with a strong orientation towards the customer in all its areas of activity. The latter is the real added value of Shahi who seeks the same commitment in all his collaborators. And that’s why, for the construction of its new warehouse, it turned to Automha, which has always pursued the goal of identifying the best investment for its customers, following them at every stage, from the design to the creation and installation of the system, taking care of every detail, both mechanical and electrical. 

Internal Logistic, reloaded

 The constant growth of the company has made it necessary to rethink the internal logistics and spaces used to store the pieces, which are no longer adequate for the amount of orders. Automha carefully evaluates the most effective solution for its customers’ problems and for Shahi has identified the creation of a new, self-supporting warehouse adjacent to the existing structure as the best alternative. The construction of a self-supporting warehouse made it possible to make the most of the available volumes, significantly reducing masonry works. 

Automha’s stacker cranes

Automha per ShahiThe self-supporting structure has been equipped with an automatic handling system whose main element is the two stacker cranes equipped with 2 forks each. The stacker cranes are suitable for covering warehouse areas with a large number of movements / hour. Shahi’s warehouse has a storage capacity of 15000 pieces, which have a diameter of between 100mm and 450mm, lengths from 1100 to 1900mm and a maximum weight of 60kg each. The warehouse guarantees performance equal to 100 inputs / h and 100 outputs / h in combination.
The relevant feature of this system is its “selective” operation: the pieces are, in fact, stored one by one on a special cradle. The position of the cradle is recorded and updated with the use of high definition cameras. 

 Shahi is a leading company in the clothing sector and is committed to serving its customers through design-driven innovation, vertically integrated operations and positive social and environmental commercial practices. Automha demonstrated to be a winning partner, given its experience in the textile sector, its professionalism, as well as the shared commitment with Shahi towards the search for solutions with low environmental impact. The combination of vertical shelves and 2 stacker cranes was very effective. This solution has in fact allowed to make the most of the heights to set up a warehouse developed mainly vertically. The new warehouse has allowed an increase in the performance of the optimal spaces by solving the problems of storage space, order and shipping times encountered by the customer. 

Automha in the textile sector, in addition to the aforementioned BruTextile and Shahi, has created systems for customers such as Prada, SQ Group, KG Denim and Welspun, even going so far as to patent a system suitable for companies that need to frequently move and reposition fabric rolls. A system, it should be stressed, that is also applicable to other sectors, for the storage of any manufactured item with a high longitudinal development and tending to have a circular section. 

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