The ZhongShan Electronic company is the joint venture by Korea company Peopleworks and Humaneworks in 2013-Jan which located in LiShui, Nanjing, China. It is main supplier of LG chemical. Due to their business increased they moved to the new industry park in 2017. And they will have more production line running soon.


Due to the significant growth of the company is what has led to the collaboration with AUTOMHA, a reality that has always stood out for its attention to customer needs and the consequent capacity of customization. The intense production and the speed of order fulfillment had made the previous semi-automatic warehouse inadequate to the ever-increasing needs of ZhongShan, which saw the idea of an automatic warehouse as the ideal solution to everyday problems.
The best solution presented to the leading company with high density solution is that of AUTOMHA, which has studied a specific project for customer needs: maximum storage capacity, speed in order and storage, high safety requirement of high tech company. That make customer choose AutoMHA for partner to build their Automatic warehouse.
In 2019 for their business development for raw material add one special pallets with deep 1300mm, same time their product line increased, AutoMHA provided retrofit service to their raw material warehouse to upgrade SuperCAP BK, conveyor system, software to make all of pallets can be handled in one warehouse.


Automha per ZhongShan - veduta interna del magazzinoThe solution proposed by AUTOMHA consists in the creation of LIFO solution with a length of 51 meters and 96meters with a height of 10.5 meters for their two warehouses. Due to customer their production process, these two warehouse will be connected with production directly, that require very reliability of warehouse. AutoMHA develop solution with one stacker crane + SuperCAP BK to maximum utilization of space. The ability of AUTOMHA machines to meet customer’s special requirement is due to careful and precise mechanical and electronic measures, supported by the R&D department of the Italian Headquarters.

The system includes:

  • Bi-column stacker crane with SuperCAP BK on board, designed for multi-deep goods storage. Stacker crane aisle length reach to 51 meters and 96meter respectively, and serve 6 levels, inside of 1 level height is different with other levels to serve customer two different goods dimension.
  • Supercap Backup Captive on board is the most safety and solid edge technology satellite on the world, can manage with LIFO logic, in addition to supercapacitor in fact possess a lithium battery, used for powering the vehicle while waiting for the stacker crane. The presence of this battery guarantees maximum safety in case of maintenance or unforeseen events and is in fact a safe level PL = D technology.
  • RUSHMOVER liner with 1 shuttle onboard, to feed up 11 conveyor stations entry/exit inside of production area.
  • Three different handling conveyor areas to realize the automatic warehouse fully automatic connect raw material incoming and feeding to production line.


The warehouse created by AUTOMHA makes it possible to store a total number of load units equal to 5.000+ , for a maximum weight of each UDC of 1300 kg.
For retrofit service, AutoMHA upgrades SuperCAP BK into bigger size and conveyor line, software system in very short time within 2 months; during this period keep ZhongShan production line not stopped.


The client company was able to take full advantage of the limited space, maximizing the ability to process orders and store goods, which are fundamental characteristics for ZhongShan automatic production line. AutoMHA stacker crane products is very stable and reliable which server 7×24 hours non-stop. All 4 different types of loading units managed perfectly by AutoMHA system.

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