This dynamic shockproof barrier is structured with one or two handrail profiles made of reinforced polymer V0 fireproof class.Is available in two different versions of barrier profiles, Class V0 profile or Class BT profile, with variable geometry shape which allows a controlled deformation of the element in case of impact.

It is offered in different standard lengths from 500 mm up to 3000 mm. The head columns can be chosen between two different standard heights: 890 mm and 1090 mm. The application of high technology principles make Go Systems products, protection systems unique of its gender.

Many structural features distinguish the exclusivity of our products, as:

  • ERTAX compound: our exclusive non-toxic
  • techno plastic
  • I-Plast compound: thermoplastic material of our own engineering, non-toxic and fireproof
  • Profiles are available also in low temperature version, which is suitable to different temperature’s ranges (-55°C / +60°C).
  • Some application examples: cold rooms, outdoor areas, etc.
  • SBS® dynamic tear-proof fixing: the protections have the maximum level of impacts reaction and flexibility. Results: compensation of the most common problems of rigid protections which are totally lacking of dissipative elastic memory (i.e. structural failure of the protections and bending of the fixing systems, floor damages)
  • Special gaskets and airbag caps for bollards and columns, high impact resistance end caps:
  • leak-proof protections (suitable to installations in food and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Intentionally hollow profile: best dynamic reaction to crashes with controlled distortion.
  • The profile returns in its original position dissipating the maximum level of impact energy

According both to HACCP and prevention safety rules.

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