Blickle: ErgoMove electric drive system

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Blickle: ErgoMove electric drive system

Better ergonomics and greater safety

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The Client

In addition to lifting platforms, the company Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH, based in Niederlangen, Lower Saxony, produces column lifts as well as goods and underfloor lifts. Today, it is not enough for lifting platforms to simply lift and lower loads. For example, pallet cages often have to be tipped so that goods can be removed more easily. The company with twenty employees has a high level of vertical integration and attaches great importance to continuous quality assurance. From design to welding steel structures to final assembly, everything takes place in-house. For the standard lifting tables, Janzen only uses high-quality components that ensure long-term, low-wear operation.

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The Challenge

Since from the perspective of the company management the market for scissor lift trucks with a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms is dominated by Asian competitors, Janzen took a new course: Janzen successfully established itself in the load range 1,500 to 2,000 kilograms – a sector in which there are only a few other competitors. Over the years, customer inquiries for electrically powered scissor lift trucks have increased continuously. The reason is that heavy pallet trucks are difficult to move by hand. Occasionally, even two persons were necessary to correctly position the trucks with loads. That’s why Janzen set out to design its own drive. In practice, however, the investment in time and materials required for this turned out to be higher than expected.

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Our Solution

ErgoMove enables heavy loads to be moved easily, ensures ergonomically correct working conditions and increases efficiency in internal transport. In addition to the drive assistance, the ErgoMove also features steering and braking assistance. Blickle offers a version of the ErgoMove cockpit with one rotary joystick for extended travel in one direction (without turns). The version with two rotary joysticks makes it possible to easily manoeuvre heavy loads even in confined spaces.

Those in charge at Janzen were quickly convinced of the advantages of the system. The specialists from Blickle integrated the ErgoMove control and operating unit into the scissor lift table by slightly modifying the handlebar. In addition, the standard nylon castors previously used were replaced by the Ergomovedrive castors and polyurethaneswivel castors

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The outcome

The decision to opt for Blickle has paid off for this privately owned company. “Now heavy scissor lift trucks can easily be moved ergonomically by one person. Loads of up to two tons can now be moved by hand using electrical drive, braking and steering assistance,” says Stefan Winter, Production Manager at Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH. In addition, the noise emissions have been reduced. Previously, hard and therefore loud nylon castors were used. The polyurethane swivel castors from Blickle are suitable for high dynamic and mechanical loads and have low rolling resistance for quiet running. The scissor lift trucks are equipped with an emergency stop switch, dead man’s brakes, a horn and anti-trap protection. To prevent improper use, the operating handles have integrated hand recognition. “In addition to the ergonomics, we have also significantly increased safety,” says a delighted Gerrit Richter designer at Janzen Lifttechnik GmbH.

SET EM2000-BS-GBS 200K-ET-2FG: technical information and advantages

  • Works flawlessly independently from the weight.
  • La versione con due joystick rotanti permette di manovrare facilmente carichi pesanti anche in spazi ristretti.
  • Soluzione di sistema da una sola fonte.
  • Condizioni di lavoro ergonomicamente corrette.
  • Maggiore efficienza nel trasporto interno.