The partnerships of AUTOMHA with major brands in the beverage field continue, and led to the creation of an important project for CAVIRO SCA, leader on the Italian wine market and projected for several years to an increasing internationalization.



The significant growth of the company is what has led to the collaboration with AUTOMHA, a reality that has always stood out for its attention to customer needs and the consequent capacity of customization.

The intense production and the speed of order fulfillment had made the previous semi-automatic warehouse inadequate to the ever-increasing needs of CAVIRO, which saw the idea of an automatic warehouse as the ideal solution to everyday problems. In addition to this, the internationalization process has brought to light the difficulty of the old system to manage diversified pallets according to the customs of the countries to which the shipments are addressed. The company is in fact having to manage 7 different types of load units, intended for specific customers or specific geographical areas.



The best solution presented to the leading company in the wine sector is that of AUTOMHA, which has studied a specific project for the complex needs of the sector: maximum precision, speed in order and storage, diversification of the load units.

The proposed project includes:

  • 2 bi-column stacker cranes with satellites on board, designed for multi-depth goods storage. The two machines move along 75-meter lanes and serve a 6-level articulated shelving. A third lane for the insertion of an additional stacker crane has already been prepared in view of the constant growth of the client company.
  • 2 Captive Backup Supercap satellite on board: these are satellites designed by AUTOMHA to manage warehouses with FIFO logic; in addition to the supercapacitor in fact possess a lithium battery of 10 Ah, useful for powering the vehicle while waiting for the mother machine. The presence of this battery guarantees maximum safety in case of maintenance or unforeseen events and is in fact a safe level PL = D technology
  • – 1 RUSHMOVER circuit with 4 shuttles inserted in the loop. This is a new technology launched by AUTOMHA in 2017, an evolution of traditional transport wagon loops; RUSHMOVER is able to communicate distant parts of a logistic system and to trace articulated and flexible routes even over long distances. However, what made RUSHMOVER the best possible choice for CAVIRO is the ability to bend in any direction and, therefore, to adapt perfectly to the pre-existing structure of the warehouse. The T-shaped structure designed by the loop is served by a bay of incoming goods coming from production, a bay of exit to the area of order fulfillment and two bays of entry / exit from the storage lanes.
  • – 14 gravity roller conveyors that connect the RUSHMOVER system with the goods exit bays to the order fulfillment area
  • – 2 AGVs that automatically transport the load units from production to the input bay in the loop and 8 AGVs from the output bays to the order fulfillment area.



The system created by AUTOMHA allows an extreme speed of management of storage activities and allows keeping track of any movement of the load units, signaling production, entry and exit dates. The AUTOMHA warehouse is also able to manage all 7 different types of loading units managed by CAVIRO, keeping the optimization of storage space and time extremely high; in fact, the system guarantees 36.6 single cycles / h and 21 combined cycles / h.


The attention that AUTOMHA has paid to customer needs and the preparation of the Bergamo company to create innovative, highly technological and engineered solutions have allowed CAVIRO to fully optimize the management of the new fully automatic warehouse.

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