Modula, committed to research, development and technological innovation, is showing two innovations: Modula Cloud and OnePick.

Modula Cloud

Designed to improve the performance of warehouses and to control all operations, Modula Cloud is a valuable source of information for managing activities such as error signalling, technical assistance, maintenance and spare parts ordering.
Operating through WMS, the software enables real time warehouse management by interfacing with a PC, that receives information from the warehouse, transfers it to the Cloud to then restore it to a dedicated site accessible through the URL.

Modula Cloud monitors:

  • Warehouse operations
  • Malfunction lights and alarms
  • Historic archive of blocks and errors
  • Number of tasks by day or by period
  • Errors generated by operators
  • Maintenance count downs
  • Energy consumption, tray weights and unit heights
  • History of maintenance

Vertical warehouses have a device that can receive input “warning” signals when the machine experiences malfunctions, to notify, in real time, the customer who has access to the platform, and Modula’s technical assistance who can then intervene providing suitable support and preventive maintenance.

When issues are signalled, Modula’s electromechanical department intervenes remotely to reset the machine: it just takes confirmation from the operator on the controller.

Like any data collection tool, it is extremely valuable for monitoring and improving warehouse performance, reducing intervention times, and having control of the entire system with one click.

Modula Cloud, identifying problems before they happen thanks to the record of blocks and errors, prevents machine downtimes.


MODULA OnePickOnePick
The other innovation regards automation at the highest levels with the new vertical warehouse, OnePick. The innovation lies in the fully automatic bay not requiring an operator.

  • Different weights
  • Different volumes
  • Different shapes
  • Different geometries

OnePick has a special picking bay equipped with a robot that travels on two axes (X and Y) and a grip device that retrieves the box and places it on an external floor. Like other vertical warehouses, it:

  • Saves floor space
  • Stores items safely
  • Automatically manages inventory
  • Tracks items
  • Saves picking time
  • Prevents retrieval and delivery phase errors

The OnePick warehouse retrieves from multiple rows. With an advanced grip device and tray movement synchronization system, retrieval of the boxes is increasingly precise, even when they are difficult to access, impractical and a long way from the workstation that needs the items.

This technology translates into tray space optimisation, the entire surface is used, even when the boxes have different geometry, volumes or shapes. Thanks to the Modula warehouse dynamic tray height storage, the spaces between trays can be optimised and boxes and containers of different unit heights can be stored with great flexibility and efficiency.


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