Collini Sistemi is the exclusive distributor of ProfilGate® for the Italian market: the innovative cleaning systems for soles and wheels by HEUTE Maschinenfabrik. For more than 10 years they have been offering advanced solutions to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety in industrial environments. Preventing contamination, reducing all types of dirt, improving employee safety, reducing maintenance costs are some of the main advantages of the ProfilGate® hygiene system. Are you looking for a solution to clean or sanitize wheels and soles at the entrance of your factory? 

Two products, unlimited solutions

ProfilGate i55 aqua | Collini Sistemi

ProfilGate® aqua is the system that meets your hygiene requirements because it allows both brushing and sanitation.
The ProfilGate® aqua hygiene system with liquid is available in the following models:

  • ProfilGate® i aqua in the i45 and i55 versions (suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic); 
  • ProfilGate® sti aqua in the sti45 and sti55 versions (suitable for narrow wheels).

ProfilGate® aqua hygiene systems ensure sanitization at every passage of people or vehicles demanding nor effort nor time. For these reasons ProfilGate® has been chosen by many companies in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors where it is necessary to prevent contamination and dirt spread inside the plant.

ProfilGate i55 aqua | Collini Sistemi

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Finally, we remind you that the stainless steel versions are FDA certified for their compatibility with the food production environment and they have been tested by the German certification body IBELIN for the effectiveness of sanitation. Please find some examples of ProfilGate® system applications at the following link:

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