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Tomaso Collini, Executive Manager of Collini Sistemi

Please give us a short presentation of your company (production, markets in which the company invests, etc.).

Collini Sistemi distributes on the Italian market innovative products that grant hygiene and safety in all the environments where there is material handling. ProfilGate® is our main product and it’s about a mechanical system of brushes integrated in a grit laid into the floor that cleans the wheels of the crossing vehicles: with this premise the spreading of the dirt into production and storage areas is avoided. Beside this Collini Sistemi also offers revolutionary elastic safety barriers developed in Great Britain by company A-Safe apt in containing high potential impacts that can occur in warehouses where fully charged forklifts circulate. These protective devices are made by a patented plastic polymer and destined to replace those obsolete metallic barriers, because of the great advantages they guarantee: in case of impact they stop the vehicle without damaging it and at the same time protecting machineries, equipment, racking, goods, the structure of the building itself, but mainly the workers beyond the barriers.

Will you present new products at Intralogistica Italia and if so what are they?

A-Safe just announced the new iFlex elastic barriers that deliver incredible performances: with a comparable structure they can resist to collisions up to 400% bigger than the previous model, already leader of the market for its sturdiness. This improvement earns A-Safe the reference point in the world of elastic safety barriers and because of the big investments in research and development and even more in engineering that have been necessary, it will be hard for competitors to reduce the prestational gap in a short time. Also ProfilGate®, even if it is already worldly known and appreciated (and nonetheless in continuous development), it does not have stopped to amaze the quality managers even of big brands.

How much does Intralogistica Italia count in your company’s marketing plans?

We were looking forward to having a fair in Italy so precisely targeted for our company core business and as soon as the occasion happened, we seized it. We are confident in the results that could come up: if it will be confirmed we will certainly be present in future occurrences.

Do you think that the combination of Intralogistica Italia with Ipack-Ima represents an added value in terms of attracting interest of potential customers? If so, why?

Ipack-Ima is an absolutely complementary fair for the kind of products we offer. In particular, the great attention that Ipak-Ima poses on food safety makes our tire cleaning system ProfilGate® extremely interesting for the visitors, because it has been adopted all over the world by the biggest brands to assure the hygiene of the products that are handled within food and beverage production and storage areas. Even the new iFlex elastic safety barriers have been designed and developed following the food industry duties: they in fact lack of any cavity or split avoiding this way any possible accumulation of dirt that can lead to dangerous bacterial focus.

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