Automation is becoming more and more a necessity and consequently the need to increase the level of automatic warehouses. It is a must-have of vital importance to drastically reduce any type of space and cost and to enhance a more focused distribution and a continuous flow of materials as quickly as possible.

VIPA, an Italian company, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial plastic bins, and provides the best solutions for those static and dynamic warehouses, where order and receptivity of the materials require quite quick and specific times, by introducing itself to the industry market and penetrating it  with a complete range of solutions, from storage and handling of small and medium sized  components to the bigger volumes, from the internal manual handling to the automated one.


VIPA’s Bull line consists of open fronted stackable storage bins made from high density Polyethylene, which can guarantee the highest performance under any climate condition (from -40°C to +80°C), as well as the highest resilience to shocks, acids, oils and solvents. Other features of the Bull line include a set of brilliant colours and accurate design. Ergonomic line with easy handgrips for lifting. They are provided with a back hookup edge for hanging onto the panels.  For the classical type, the bottom is perfectly flat and non-slip, suitable for the use on automated warehouses. Its sturdy structure has been completely redesigned following precise pattern in order to achieve excellent levels on e-commerce warehouses.

Vipa‘s Bull bins are available in 7 different sizes. The picture at the top of this page shows the latest project which has been carried out on the Bull 4 & 5 bins, the driving forces as far as warehousing is concerned. VIPA provides supplementary accessories, customized colours (in case of important quantities), bar codes, label holder, up to the point of satisfying the need for pad printing or mold manufacturing.

VIPA provides a wide range of other accessories suitable for classifying every type of goods into its bin lines.


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