ELEMENT LOGIC: entry into the Italian market

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ELEMENT LOGIC: entry into the Italian market

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Opening the first office in Milan, the Norwegian Intralogistics company, present in 11 countries, lands in Italy. The management is entrusted to Matteo Casagrande, Managing Director of Element Logic Italia.

Milan, 10.02.2022 Element Logic® announces its entry into the Italian marketand the opening of its Milan office, managed by Managing Director Matteo Casagrande. Founded in 1985, Element Logic , Europe’s leading company in Intralogistics technology, enters Italy with customised, automated, state-of-the-art solutions for warehouse performance optimisation. With a doubling of the turnover compared to the previous year, and about 45 installations realised in 2021, and 60 projects acquired for 2022, Element Logic aims to create sustainable, optimised and automated warehouses suitable for small, medium and large companies.

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The entry into the Italian market confirms Element Logic’s constant growth and consolidates our position in Southern Europe. An important step made possible also thanks to the experience in the sector of Matteo Casagrande, our Managing Director for Italy, who has been managing projects in Europe, Asia and USA for more than 20 years. Technological know-how, attention to sustainability, the quality of our services and the ability to adapt to any type of customer and business have always been fundamental characteristics in companies. Strengths and starting points that will be decisive for this new corporate chapter”.

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Because of the strong development of e-commerce and the 62 billion euros of the PNRR allocated by the Italian Government for mobility, infrastructures and ecological transition of logistics, Italian companies are getting ready to invest in digitalization and automation, in what represents the main goal of the “Transition 4.0” Plan, based on the binomial Digital&Sustainability. A challenge that Element Logic is ready to support with competence and adequate and innovative solutions to every business need, thanks to an intelligent automatic picking technology, enhanced by its own software to improve the workflow in the warehouse.

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The market is changing fast and the introduction of technology and automation is becoming essential for the whole industry to better meet market demands”, explains Element Logic® Italy Managing Director Matteo Casagrande (pictured on the right): “The rise of e-commerce is pushing warehouses towards a new technological frontier. The optimisation of processes and warehouses will be a decisive step for competitiveness in the sector and towards the sustainability-conscious and increasingly digital Transition 4.0”.

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Element Logic recently obtained global distribution rights to deploy and implement AutoStore technology, the fastest order fulfillment system per square meter on the market, which offers a versatile, modular robotic solution that can be adapted to any type of facility. It also allows a 75% reduction in footprint compared to a manual warehouse and, at the same time, increases picking capacity by up to 10 times, preparing hundreds or thousands of orders every hour.