Sugar business was initially established in the Ratchaburi province as a small family business producing and trading. Apart from the dedication to initiate new product of choice for their customers, Mitr Phol Group has continued to work closely with every step of production to ensure a consistently high quality and international standard of every product under “Mitr Phol” brand.

Mitr Phol Sugar Corp is a privately owned group of companies, mainly owned by the Vongkusolkit family. As of 2014, Mitr Phol is ranked as the world’s fourth largest sugar producer, and the largest producer in Asia. It is Thailand’s largest sugar producer and the second largest in China through its joint venture company East Asia Sugar. In addition to Thailand and China, Mitr Phol has operations and investments in Lao PDR, Cambodia, and most recently Australia. Its key business units include sugar, wood substitute materials, and renewable energy.

The Problem

Due to Mitr Phol sugar business growth fast, their factory in Khon Kaen production increase tremendously, their warehouse with manual activity cannot meet their business growth requirement. And they need to deliver their sugar to their customer frequently and timely. They come to AUTOMHA to help them build up fully automatic warehouse to solve this problem. Due to there is a little long distance between production and warehouse, there is special master pallet with steel structure to ensure their goods stability during the transportation. And their need to build up the automatic warehouse in side of current building which have very limited height, and the space is also limited, but their pallet position stored inside of warehouse is high requirements. And in their factory is very high humidity and high temperature between 45~55°C, that is quite challenge for logistic machine working during this continuous environment.

Both these requirements have led to the choice of AUTOMHA, a company that first created and invented high density solutions with patented the first fully automatic and modular machine able to store goods in multi-depth with high speeds and maximum precision, AUTOSATMOVER.

Mitr Phol - Una veduta del nuovo Magazzino automatico firmato AUTOMHA

The Solution

The solution proposed by AUTOMHA consists in the creation of LIFO solution with a length of 49.6 meters and a height of 11.5 meters. Due to customer business grow tremendously, they need to delivery big quantities goods within limited time, with inbound 80 pallets/h, outbound with 120 pallets/h with each pallet 1,600 Kg load. With this limited space to realize total 6,900 pallets which over expectation from customer side. To consider the outbound efficiency value is high, AutoMHA help to customer to build up one buffer area with 1 set of Mover, let the customer can prepare the shipping goods in advance, and that reduce a lot of waiting time for containers. Same time for high temper and humidity, AutoMHA develops the high temp version of machines to meet this kind of extremely high temp. The ability of AUTOMHA machines to meet customer’s special requirement is due to careful and precise mechanical and electronic measures, supported by the R&D department of the Italian Headquarters.

The system includes:

With available height 11.5 m, AutoMHA designed with 5 levels with unit load height over 1.71m, the distance between the top surfaces of unit load to lowest point of roof is only 550mm, to maximum utilization of space which the stacker crane cannot realize this limited space. Total inbound with 5 sets of 1 Mover + 1 SuperCAP to handle the 6,900 pallet storage and delivery, special design 1set 1Mover+1SuperCAP for the buffer area for fast delivery.

AUTOSATMOVER runs on a special lane, perpendicular to the storage lanes. Once you reach the lane suggested by the software, SUPERCAP, the vehicle on board AUTOSATMOVER, detaches and deposits the load unit in the indicated place, then returns to the mother ship, ready for a new mission. The SUPERCAP satellite has been specially designed with the dimensions necessary for the storage of “case pallets”, smaller and narrower than the usual ones.

The warehouse created by AUTOMHA makes it possible to store a total number of load units equal to 6,900, for a maximum weight of each UDC of 1600 kg. The system also guarantees movements of 80 pallets per hour inbound, 120 pallets per hour outbound.

Mitr Phol - Warehouse interior


The client company was able to take full advantage of the limited space, maximizing the ability to process orders and store goods, which are fundamental characteristics for Mitr Phol fast storage and delivery. AutoMHA mover products is very stable and reliable which server 7x24hours non-stop with high temp and humidity environment. Even during the maintenance period, the warehouse is still keep running, thanks to AutoMHA Mover work independently per level.

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