If you’re one of the many retailers across the globe that are generating a substantial amount of revenue from online sales, then 2018 should be the year you in invest in a shipping platform.

Shipping and fulfilment may appear to be an inconspicuous aspect of running a business, but it’s actually fiercely important to your overall business and profitability and your brand. Delivering a bad customer experience (pun intended), will not only incur unnecessary costs on your business, but it will result in unhappy customers and possibly bad review.

Which shipping strategy are you using?

Without even realising it, if you have an online business, you’re implementing a shipping model. Maybe you put a lot of time and thought into the exact shipping model you want to use, or maybe there was too little time for you to think about it and you just started shipping orders as they came in without trying to optimise it. Whatever the case is here, we’ve outlined the main shipping methods businesses are using in 2018.


Shipping from home, manually

Small businesses often have humble beginnings, which is why you’ll find it’s not uncommon for new business owners to ship orders from home. If you’re first starting off, you may not have had the time to consider the most efficient ways to ship, and therefore writing labels and walking to the post office most be invoking nostalgia in you right now.

Shipping from home manually is fine at first. But if you’re looking to grow and scale, you’ll need to look into more efficient means of managing orders and getting goods to your customers.

Shipping from home, automatically

If you’re all-star when it comes to being forward-thinking and organised, then you’ll have already thought about the best ways to manage shipping. Or maybe you’re generating too many orders that it’s too difficult to write labels and ferry goods to the post office. If this is the case, you’ll have set up automated label printing,


Shipping from a fulfilment warehouse

Medium to large businesses will most likely require more storage space than the average humble abode offers. If this is the case, you’ll most likely be shipping orders automatically once their received from a fulfilment warehouse. And you must consider ti visit INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018, where state-of-the-art solutions will be shown starting at the end of this month.


Why are shipping platforms important for retailers?

In 2016, Temando reported on the state of shipping in commerce, and you’ll be surprised how many shipments are made per week:

  • 29% of businesses make 5-20 shipments per week
  • 35% of businesses make 21-100 shipments per week
  • 23% of businesses make 101-1,000 shipments per week
  • 10% of businesses make 1,001-5,000 shipments per week
  • 1% of businesses make more than 5,001 shipments per week

Most businesses won’t fall into the 1%, but it’s fair to say with the projected growth of eCommerce in 2018, these figures will be increasing for more and more businesses across Australia.

cemat-insider-free-shipping-meme.pngIf you’re looking to scale or grow your business, the technology platforms you’re utilising will directly impact this. Say for example you’re currently selling on your online site, but you’re looking to expand to Amazon or event eBay. If the processes you have in place are manual, and you have a high volume of shipments per week, you’ll be spending much more capital and resources shipping each item compared to if your shipping was managed automatically for you.

70% of customers say they have abandoned a cart because the shipping cost was too high, and 47% said they abandoned carts because the cost of shipping was communicated too late in the process. A shipping platform will manage shipping rates automatically and help you drive down the costs of each individual shipment. This means you should seriously consider a shipping platform this year.



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