The trade fair as seen through the eyes of its players
here are the opinions of visitors, exhibitors and speakers
who were present at INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA.

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is essential for companies operating in the handling and logistics of goods. This year we organized several events in collaboration with the trade fair, finally in person, dedicated to safety, innovation, sustainability and industry 4.0 projects inside warehouses.

Massimiliano Bariola - President, AISEM Federata ANIMA Confindustria
Massimiliano Bariola | Presidente, AISEM
Gabriele Sigismondi - AMAZON

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was an important event for reflecting together on the important future challenges in logistics. It is always stimulating to engage with other players in the sector, first and foremost in relation to the topic of sustainability, which we are aware is pivotal.

Gabriele Sigismondi - Country Director, Amazon Logistics Italia


In our opinion it is the most dynamic and youngest fair in Italy and allows the best companies in the sector to exhibit breakthroughs that are within everyone's reach.

Roberta Togni - Group General Counsel, Automha
Roberta Togni, Group General Counsel di Automha
Luca Chiappini, AD di Bito

The event that best represents us on a national level. The perfect place to engage with customers, industry professionals, and share the latest updates in our product range.

Luca Chiappini - General Manager, Bito


For us, this trade fair is an important opportunity to understand how the panorama of intralogistics proposals is changing in Italy and all over the world.

Mauro Corona - Commercial Manager, Dematic Italia
Mauro Corona, Direttore Commerciale di Dematic Italia
Maurizio Traversa, CEO di Eurofork



A pleasant occasion for meeting and sharing in order to face the new challenges in intralogistics on the global market.

Maurizio Traversa - CEO, Eurofork


Thanks to attending the fair in person once again, we had the opportunity to show our products in Italy and present new solutions such as Autonomous Mobile Robots for sorting.

Fabio Sacchi - New Application Director, Fives
Fabio Sacchi, New Application Director di Fives
Chiara Covi - Responsabile Marketing
Hörmann Italia Srl


INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is a reference exhibition for those who wish to learn about the most advanced technologies in the sector. As our range includes many types of products designed for the world of logistics, we have always appreciated this exhibition in which we have participated to show  - with success and satisfaction - our latest creations.

Chiara Covi - Head of Marketing, Hörmann Italia Srl



INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was an important opportunity for networking and meeting for sectoroperators. Many new and potential customers visited our stand. It was a great opportunity.

Luigi Calori - Managing Director, INCAS-SSI-Schäfer
Luigi Calori, Managing Director di INCAS-SSI-Schäfer
Claudio Carnino


As always, the best platform for presenting our sector breakthroughs and products to the right customers.

Claudio Carnino - Managing Director, Interroll Italia



INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was a very pleasant opportunity to return in person and meet old and new customers, consolidated partners and to establish new partnerships.

Davide Fedeli - Head of Operation, KNAPP
Davide Fedeli, Head of operation di KNAPP
Fabio Zucchini, Service manager di LCS

wonderful and important event that opened once again to the public after the difficult years marked by the pandemic prompting the logistics sector to propose different solutions. It was stimulating to start again and exciting to be able to interact with customers, suppliers and competitors once more.

Fabio Zucchini - Service manager, LCS



INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA represents a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, discover the latest technological breakthroughs and share our vision of the future of logistics and automated warehouses. It is a key event for exploring new partnerships and strengthening our position in the market.

Massimiliano Gigli - Market Operations Director, Modula
Massimiliano Gigli | Modula
Ludovico Weiss, Distributore per l’Italia di Palomat

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was an excellent opportunity to present the new Greenline model, a solution that helps avoid accidents caused by pallets in the workplace.

Ludovico Weiss - Italian distributor, Palomat

It was a pleasure to participate in INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA and exchange opinions with the main operators in the sector about what we can concretely do to make logistics increasingly sustainable in support of e-commerce.

Angela Tumino - Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, co-founder of the B2C Logistics Center, Politecnico di Milano
Angela Tumino
Damiano Frosi

Our partnership with INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was undoubtedly a success. We had the opportunity to hold the first 2022 edition Observatory Workshop at the trade fair and, despite it being a hybrid formula event, more than 100 managers from our Board participated, enticed by the possibility of returning in person and being able to touch the breakthrough products present at the exhibition with their own hands.

Damiano Frosi - Director, Osservatorio Contract Logistics “Gino Marchet” del Politecnico di Milano



It is a not-to-be-missed event, splendidly organized once more this year. We are very happy to have participated again.

Lorenzo Martinelli - New Equipment Representative, RITE-HITE
Lorenzo Martinelli, New Equipment Representative di RITE-HITE
Antonio De Paola, SIPI



INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is the best fair for us to present our products and an opportunity for dialogue with other exhibitors.

Antonio De Paola - Commercial Manager, SIPI

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is an important occasion that permits meeting companies interested in learning more about logistics and automation. It is an event where you can meet with partners and competitors and discuss current important topics that concern our sector in general. We are very happy to have participated and to have returned to a much desired and long-awaited normality.

Matteo Brusasca - Head of Sales Italy & Iberia, Swisslog
Matteo Brusasca, Head of Sales Italy & Iberia di Swisslog
Andrea Bertolani, Export Area Manager di Tellure Rota

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was an opportunity, after two years without trade fairs, to enter the market again and confirm the excellent positioning of our products. 

Andrea Bertolani – Export Area Manager, Tellure Rota

This is always an important event. Exhibiting at INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA means experiencing a wonderful moment of integration and exchange of ideas about current and future projects. In these difficult years of Covid we have committed ourselves as a company to supporting our customers and we continue to invest in research and development with a view to an increasingly cutting-edge industry 4.0.

Luca Verucchi – Sales Manager, Trascar
Luca Verucchi, Sales Manager di Trascar
Ing. Giorgio Paganelli
Winkel srl



INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is the leading exhibition in Italy dedicated to Logistics and consequently an appointment for sector specialists and users. It is an important opportunity for us to present our products.

Giorgio Paganelli Azza – Managing Director, Winkel S.r.l..

A very positive experience after years of absence as exhibitors. There was a huge turnout of qualified visitors consolidating INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA’s value in the trade fair panorama.

Vittorio Consonni – National Account Manager, YALE
Vittorio Consonni, National Account Manager di YALE
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