Falls and floors: what can increase the risk of slipping?

An Inail document proposes a technical-scientific review on the slipperiness of flooring. Focus on the technical factors related to the flooring characteristics that can increase the risk of slipping.

In relation to its support and cladding layers, flooring is considered, by legislation and technical-building literature, as «the technical element that most affects the risk of falling due to slipping and tripping on the walking surface».

However, the analysis of the various personal factors that influence walking, highlights also other relevant aspects.

For example, how, in walking, “people associate the biomechanical and kinematic articulation of the steps with the sensory exploration of the spaces they pass through and their technical elements, through sight, touch, smell and hearing”.


Interacting with the floor

With the flooring, users establish, therefore, “a physical-perceptive interaction, useful as a cognitive support of the characteristics of the environment and its parts, which affects the physical and emotional attitude that people assume when stepping on a surface”.

Furthermore, in defining the risk of slipping and falling“the connection between the objective technical, environmental and functional-spatial components of the building and the individual variables connected to the psycho-physical and behavioral characteristics of people is highlighted”. And these characteristics, “in addition to determining a greater or lesser propensity of the subject to slip, are also able to objectively alter the CoF”, the coefficient of friction, because “they determine chemical and physical actions, temporary or definitive, on the surface of the flooring”.

Precisely because of the importance of knowing the causes and factors that can affect slips and falls, let’s go back to talking about the products that DMR makes available on the market to protect companies and workers on the factors to be considered in assessing the risk of slipping and tripping.


A broad range
of targeted solutions

The range of certified anti-slip products that the company offers on the market has been diversified, including: stair covers, corners, laminates and fiberglass gratings; a wide range of non-slip adhesive productsfor simple and immediate application and personalized adhesive signswith anti-slip certification.

You’ll find all the information on the products mentioned in the article on our website: www.dmrleanmanufacturing.it.

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