FasThink: P2Light for touchless picking

FasThink P2LightP2Light wireless is an innovative material picking system that uses light buttons to steer operators to locations in the material picking process. P2Light touchless is a unique smart evolution which, thanks to two-way RF communication, simplifies system integration without wiring costs. It is particularly suited to application in logistics, e-commerce and the automotive and manufacturing sectors where fast and precise material picking is essential for maximum production process efficiency.

P2Light touchless is an incredible next step towards the future of logistics thanks to a system that guarantees top performance in warehouse picking and the assembly of production kits. The new touchless version means material extraction and picking validation occur simultaneously, with no need for an operator to press buttons, avoiding contact with a keyboard or handheld devices. Rapid, intuitive and sustainable, no hard copies are required and this is another step towards dematerialisation, accelerating the transition to fully sustainable digital solutions.

The device has touchless photocell detection, a Master antenna with a range of 70 metres and wireless management of up to 400 light buttons. E-ink graphic display, high-performance LEDs and additional functions such as battery monitoring (which can thus last up to five years) make P2Light a low-consumption device that can operate for a long time. Zero errors in the kit preparation phase and downtimes ensuing from manual errors make P2Light touchless an ideal system, also guaranteeing maximum flexibility for any variations in the positioning of light buttons with no structural changes.


Perfect integration with the Connect Orchestrator platform

To optimise integration between Pick2Light and existing IT systems, FasThink‘s R&D has developed the Connect Orchestrator proprietary platform, a smart solution that dialogues efficiently with all WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) programs, thus resolving the challenges of the “last mile”.

Principal functions and applications of P2Light touchless:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Assembly Lines
  • Supermarkets
  • Logistics and Intralogistics
  • Line set-up
  • Operator call
  • Material call


FasThink Information

FasThink has been designing, producing and marketing components and systems for automatic identification, traceability and company automation for more than ten years with a constant focus on innovation. FasThink helps companies with the digital transformation of processes, operating in the manufacturing industry, automotive, food and pharmaceutical markets, and in the production, logistics and service sectors. Thanks to technological expertise acquired installing systems in major companies in Italy and abroad, all the integration solutions offered meet Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory requisites.

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