FASTHINK: RFID technology Drives Exceptional Performance

A longstanding leader in the design, development and integration of identification systems using RFID technology, FasThink’s next-generation technology steers companies towards new opportunities.

A pioneer in innovative technology applied to identification and tracking, FasThink is now showcasing its new RFID reading systems. Driven by cutting-edge technology, they are designed to meet the growing application needs of civil, industrial and other sectors. Guaranteed top performance in each work environment demands careful selection and verification of the components required to build an RFID system. Another key requisite for a successful RFID system is simplified integration with existing solutions and sure-fire technical assistance in the design, installation and post-sales phases.

FasThink | Connect Orchestrator

Thanks to the Connect Orchestrator platform, its approach enables FasThink to integrate and synchronise readers and antennas in UHF, HF and LF frequencies with embedded industrial, gate, palmtop and desktop solutions. This ensures the tracking and identification of people and assets in public and industrial spaces. All FasThink’s RFID products meet ISO standards and are also available in a version with ATEX certification. Plus, the FasThink R&D department is on hand to customise RFID systems to satisfy specific requests.

Guaranteed Tracking and Tracing

Today’s industrial environments are increasingly adopting automatic identification systems and these feature numerous applications for production lines, logistics, asset tracking and the automatised control of goods/vehicle traffic through gates.

In every RFID application, the FasThink design philosophy brings the most suitable and high-performing components together in a “big picture”. This means that every FasThink solution can steer change towards optimised processes via the most innovative technologies. The FasThink range of RFID solutions comprises medium- and long-range multi-frequency readers that can function with the principal data-transmission protocols. Transponders (tags) in Smart Label or Hard Tag format also cover a vast field of application for data collection.

FasThink now makes going “the last mile” from IT system to the field very easy.

FasThink Information

For more than ten years, FasThink has been designing, producing and marketing components and systems for automatic identification, tracking and company automation with a constant focus on innovation. FasThink helps companies with the digital transformation of processes, operating on the manufacturing, automotive, food and pharmaceutical markets and in production, logistics and services. Thanks to technological expertise acquired during the installation of systems in major companies in Italy and abroad, all the integration solutions offered meet Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory requirements.

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