Simplify stock management with FasThink’s e-kanban

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Simplify stock management with FasThink’s e-kanban

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FasThink specialises in automatic identification systems and now presents the e-Kanban Smart Sensor, a latest generation patented device utilising the Just-in-Time system to manage data in real time and communicate automatically with management systems via radio frequency and incorporating LoRaWAN technology and protocol.

Kanban is a Japanese word that literally means “card”. A component of stock replenishment systems following consumption, it is one of the most effective warehouse stock technologies. The manufacturing industry is increasingly being changed by latest-generation technology and its supply chains are becoming ever smarter. Fast picking and the delivery of raw materials and semi-finished products in the automotive and F&B sectors are increasingly important, requiring the picking process to change from manual to Smart.

FasThink has developed the e-Kanban sensor to improve supply managementfor production lines and enable companies to make the inhouse supply chain more streamlined and efficient. Using it reduces picking operation errors and delays. Thanks to its wireless system, e-Kanban does not need complex or costly wiring operations and can easily be applied, for instance, to gravity roller conveyors carrying containers holding picked materials. Its functioning is simple and efficient: e-Kanban detects the removal of an empty container from the conveyor and sends the IT system a request to replace the missing material or asks the operator or supplier to replenish it. The wireless e-Kanban Smart Sensor looks like a limit switch for industrial use but is much more.

Designed for Industry 4.0, the e-Kanban Smart Sensor is naturally and ideally suited to numerous sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics.

To optimise the integration of the e-Kanban Smart Sensor with existing IT systems, FasThink’s R&D has developed the Connect Orchestrator proprietary platform, a smart solution that dialogues efficiently with all WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) programs, rising to the challenges of the “last mile”. The e-Kanban Smart Sensor can transmit over considerable distances with very low consumption.

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Main features

The wireless e-kanban Smart Sensor is easy and intuitive to install and configure. Data communication is two-way using the LoRaWAN standard protocol with industrial housing. The device has a range of 300 metres. Additional functions of the wireless e-kanban include monitoring battery condition, thus guaranteeing a duration of up to eight years.



  • Zero wiring costs
  • Easy configuration and integration
  • Zero errors in material replenishment
  • Zero downtimes caused by manual error
  • Integrates with MRP, ERP, MES and WMS systems

Sectors of application

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and e-commerce
  • Automotive
  • F&B and retail

FasThink Information

FasThink has been designing, producing and marketing components and systems for automatic identification, traceability and company automation for more than ten years with a constant focus on innovation. FasThink helps companies with the digital transformation of processes, operating in the manufacturing industry, automotive, food and pharmaceutical markets, and in the production, logistics and service sectors. Thanks to technological expertise acquired installing systems in major companies in Italy and abroad, all the integration solutions offered meet Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory requisites.


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