Through the union between long-standing expertise, deep knowledge in the field of workplace safety and the continuous investment in new technologies and advanced NC-machining centres, Go Systems designs and engineers shockproof protection systems of new concept to protect structures and staff.

Go Systems‘ products s are the suitable answer to safety problems in all industrial areas, both in- and outdoor, in order to avoid any risk to workers, equipment, shelving and structural elements in case of forklifts and heavy duty vehicles’ traffic.
Go Systems is able to supply a full and detailed service: starting from engineering through installation and testing phases to after sales services. 

Prevention and Savings

Engineered to prevent, avoid and control damages to infrastructures Go Systems protection devices are guarantee of high annual maintenance cost savings.

In cases of total absence of safety measures or structures protection made with passed and aged systems, the use highlights that costs to repair damaged elements as consequence of repeated or episodic crashes are so high to be an amount such unjustified on annual budgets expected to cover maintenance costs. Prevention of such accidents brings to search for an alternative solution which would erase these expenses, in favour of active investments instead of passive ones.

As well as considerably decrease if not even eliminate such maintenance costs, Go Systems assures safety of your investments.


Go Systems’ innovation: satisfying every client’s needs

Long-standing experience and several studies in R&D allowed Go Systems’ R&D team to conceive innovative and technologically advanced products. The pursuit of excellence and diversification in every single detail plays an important role in the development of new fixing systems, by using a new polymers generation.
These improvements give Go Systems the opportunity to face any safety problem.

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