Hörmann: new high-speed sliding door

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Hörmann: new high-speed sliding door

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The new high-speed V 4015 SEL Alu R door for small spaces from Hörmann is particularly suitable for supermarkets and logistics warehouses, where often the aisles between pallet racks fixed close to the wall compartment do not allow the use of a laterally extending geared closure mechanism.

Thanks to the anodized aluminium surface, the header plates, the integrated wiring and the compact aluminium side elements, this closure designed for indoor use offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The V 4015 SEL Alu R is also driven by a powerful and innovative tubular motor integrated within the spring shaft, which offers a double advantage: neither the automative section nor the gearbox protrude laterally and, in addition, the curtain lining matches exactly with the side guides. Thanks to this system, the new Hörmann door can also be installed in the opening and requires very little space on either side, equal respectively to just 145 millimeters for the rails.


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With an opening speed of 1.5 meters per second, the V 4015 SEL Alu R opens for long enough time to allow forklift transit without delay and helps to improve and make the flow of goods inside warehouses more efficient.

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In addition to excellent performance in terms of functionality, this door is able to guarantee high security, thanks to two advanced systems. The V 4015 SEL Alu R comes equipped with an infrared light beam barrier as standard with an “active” safety function on the transit gate that works thus: if the beam is interrupted during closing, the door stops immediately and moves back, avoiding damage to people and things; if in addition there is an obstacle under the open curtain, it is prevented from closing. As a second safety mechanism, this door also features the unique Hörmann SoftEdge “soft contact” bottom seal with “passive” anti-collision device.

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Size and specifications

Available in dimensions up to 4,000 mm both in height and in width, the door is equipped as standard with a frequency variator control for fast, safe and long-lasting sliding.

Distinguished by the curtain’s considerable strength and guaranteed by a wind resistance profile in stabilizing steel sheet, as well as by a high level seal thanks to a reduced gap in the frame and the lip seals, the V 4015 SEL Alu R is available in high visibility colours including zinc yellow, pure orange, carmine red, gentian blue and agate grey.


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