Hörmann: new Security Line traffic bollards

Hörmann – a world leader in closure systems which has made safety one of the key points of its success and which in line with its logical evolution has recently entered the vehicle access control sector – offers the new Security Line bollards, available in four versions: automatic, semi-automatic, removable or fixed.

Hoermann | traffic bollardsAutomatic version: in detail

The automatic models, operated from a control unit that can be mounted up to a distance of 80 metres from the bollard, make the best use of the excellence of the BiSecur signal transmission system, whose total safety is down to the use of AES 128 encoding, a standard recognized and used internationally and adopted for use in online banking. If required, Hörmann automatic solutions can also be equipped with the EFO (Emergency Fast Operation) function which causes the systems to lift within 1.5 seconds in the event of an emergency. Finally, the automatic models can be supplied with integrated electromechanical automation for medium frequency of use, with integrated hydraulic automation for high frequency of use or with a reinforced material cylinder (RI-H version) for particularly high level certified protection.

Semi-automatic and removable

For low or very low frequency of use on the other hand, Hörmann offers semi-automatic models with integrated gas springs and movable solutions. The result of Hörmann Group cutting-edge technology, these new bollards feature superior strength that allows them to withstand extremely high impact energies.

The different methods of execution are however all characterized by uniform aesthetics, both as regards the base and the cylinder; thanks to this, they can be used side by side, within a single space, without losing either appeal or aesthetic coherence. Hörmann Security Line bollards are the ideal solutions for vehicular access control in public and private areas, such as pedestrian zones, car parks and corporate spaces, as well as for regulating logistic traffic.

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