The automatic warehouse is an automated system for the storage of goods made up of structural elements, electromechanical systems and software components that can assume different configurations based on the characteristics and specifications of the various constituent elements, designed according to the customer’s needs.

Precursor of Industry 4.0, with proposals aimed at intralogistics automation processes, LCS is now highly specialized in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for automated warehouses and material handling. For over 30 years it has been studying and designing reliable solutions that guarantee maximum added value to the customer, supporting the various companies to carry out accurate assessments and thus develop the best solution to adopt.

Certainly the implementation of an automatic warehouse requires an important initial investment but which over time is repaid at 360 °, in economic terms, but not only.Specifically, then, what benefits does the implementation of an automatic warehouse bring with it?

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The main advantages of an automatic warehouse

To date, investing in an automatic warehouse represents an advantageous solution for many companies for a better management of all those phases that still happen “traditionally” such as: handling, picking, loading and unloading of goods. The advantages that the realization of this solution brings with it, are the following:

  • Optimized space: the automatic warehouse allows the storage of a greater quantity of goods. In fact, in relation to the occupied ground, the shelving is developed in height in order to optimize space.
  • Return on investment: as mentioned before, the initial investment regarding the implementation of the automatic warehouse is considerable, but it is also true that this expense can be recovered within a few years thanks to the high performance in terms of efficiency, thanks to inventory optimization and time savings.
  • In safety: the automation of processes means that the handling of goods is performed by machinery, and this greatly reduce human error and injuries that occur in the workplace.
  • Fast precision: the choice to automate a warehouse brings with it a decrease in errors, transport, lifting and storage times and consequently there is an increase in reliability levels.

All the previous benefits can be summed up in two words: production efficiency.

The creation of an automatic warehouse is a time-consuming operation as there is the study and analysis of the existing warehouse and the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Once the project is completed, however, a series of activities are optimized that allow optimal management of the company warehouse.

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