Viewing a technical design is a standard requirement in the design and planning phase of material handling solutions. Even today, in times of widespread digitization, the process starting with a plant design and ending with the detailed technical project, leads to an offer and finally to a contract is often characterized by downtimes that interfere in the fluidity of the work processes. For example, the first view of a complete solution may have to be broken down, at a later time, into all the individual system components.

Claudio Carnino | InterrollMany needs, a single tool

The Layouter tool, provided free of charge by Interroll to customers all over the world, allows to completely avoid these phases. “With our application, which seamlessly integrates in plug-in mode in AutoCAD, designers and system integrators are able to perfectly visualize the transport solution designed on the basis of the desired parameters. Thanks to Layouter tool, the layout of the analyzed solution specifies simultaneously all necessary technical components”, explains Claudio Carnino, Interroll Italia sales director and country speaker.

This approach gives a number of advantages.
Since the first project, AutoCAD operators have all the technical information available for the desired transport solution. In addition, the Plug-and-Play modularity of Interroll conveyor platforms eliminates the need for special engineering efforts when configuring the solution.

Interroll - Schermata Layouter

AutoCAD operators benefit from this advantage right from the first draft of the conveyor solution. For example, when designing a pallet conveyor conceived on the basis of Interroll’s Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), the most important parameters can be selected out of the main menu, such as the desired transport speed, the pallet type, its maximum weight and the foreseen pallet quality, as well as the direction of transport, either uni- or bidirectional.

Based on these parameters, the length of the conveyor line can be freely designed and the conveyor can be easily expanded with additional modules, including angular and turntable transfer units or additional modules such as pallet loaders, control stations or elevators. All individual products and engineering parameters required for these solutions are automatically saved in the resulting layout.

There’s even more…

Interroll Layouter is not only available to display the MPP modular pallet conveyor, designers can use the simple in AutoCAD plug-in software to design other platforms such as Interroll’s famous Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) which allows the 0 pressure accumulation motion up to 50 kilos, thanks to the energy-efficient RollerDrive.

By combining the different Interroll solutions, which harmonize perfectly with each other, designers can create complex transport solutions without having to make particular efforts from a design and engineering point of view.

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