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Massimiliano Gigli, Marketing Operations Director / Modula

In the light of your attendance in 2015, what elements convinced you to return to INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018?

Massimiliano Gigli | Marketing Operations Manager | Modula
Massimiliano Gigli, Marketing Operations Manager.

In 2015 we decided to take part in both INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA where we presented our Sintesi model at a booth dedicated to Modula S.p.A, and in the simultaneously running Ipack-Ima, where we exhibited several models of Modula (MX and ML) in varied scopes and sizes at our group leader System S.p.A’s stand.

In this manner we were able to demonstrate the variety of proposals that Modula can offer to meet the needs of any type of company and for the warehousing of any type of material, light or heavy, small or large, satisfying the most demanding performance requirements.

Can you give us some details about the solutions that you will present at the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA in 2018?

At the 2018 edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA we will present the new Modula lift 2.0, our new picking solutions, the Modula One Pick that permits automatic item collection and software solutions that are continuously being improved and that all make Modula an exemplary Industry 4.0 company.

“The synergy with other tradeshows will allow us to make contact with a wider market, to which we can respond with appropriate, made-to-measure solutions for all requirements. .”

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is positioned within The Innovation Alliance platform.
What are the advantages of this for you?

Modula’s application sectors are by now quite vast, from production to distribution, metal-mechanical to pharmaceutical, food to fashion and chemical to electronic sectors, and so on, embracing almost all product categories. This synergy with other tradeshows will allow us to make contact with a wider market, to which we can respond with appropriate, made-to-measure solutions for all requirements.

In your opinion, what will logistics look like in the future? Looking at the market figures for the sector and future forecasts, what are your expectations?

We believe there will be a constant market increase. The trend is definitely towards a greater attention on integrated systems, on automated handling and stocking of goods, on control and management and speeding up of picking and on resource optimisation. All of this will also take place thanks to Industry 4.0. Modula plays a crucial role in this market.


Modula is a company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of vertical automated warehouses for the stocking of a great variety of product types, from small electronic or pharmaceutical components, to heavy and bulky objects, such as moulds or car and engine parts.

Founded in 1987, the company has been operating in the sector with state-of-the-art production plants in Italy (Savaterra, Reggio Emilia) and in the United States of America (Lewiston, Maine). The company is part of the System group, an industrial player, operating for over 40 years in over 30 countries, with approximately 1,900 employees.

The most important characteristic of the Modula vertical automated warehouses is definitely that they permit enormous saving of ground space. Thanks to their vertical structure, it is in fact possible to take advantage of building heights and reduce occupied space by 90%.

The product range spans from the well-known Modula Lift with a scope of 70,000kg and a height of 14 metres, to Modula OneTon which has a weight capacity of 990kg per storage drawer, unique to the sector, to the horizontal carousel Modula Cube and the smaller Modula Sintes1, ideal for stocking lighter material and for picking that reaches up to 140 cycles per hour.

The latest arrivals are Modula OnePick and the anti-seismic system, which is cutting edge on the market.

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