LCS, dealing with intralogistics for over 30 years, is now highly specialized in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for automatic warehouses and material handling. The solutions offered are designed ad hoc, reliable and ensure greater efficiency and safety in the flow of products, better use of the plant space and constant control of all handling flows.

LCS takes care of managing all the life phases of a plant, taking care of every realization, even installed by third parties: from electromechanical design to software development up to installation and complete service for the life cycle, with preventive maintenance and 24/7 assistance. Furthermore, following in-depth assessments, revamping interventions are studied, aimed at the electromechanical and software modernization of the plants, thus extending their life cycle, guaranteeing reduced ROI times and considerable savings compared to a new installation.

LCS - Automazione industriale d'avanguardia 

Cutting-edge industrial automation

The LCS Group, born in 1989, has evolved over the years and in 2010, with the birth of LCS Automation, it specializes the offer in the field of industrial automation, which allows to govern flows of energy, materials and information, making use of mechanical, electronic and computer technologies for the control of industrial production processes. Automation is nowadays a fundamental aspect to improve productivity and production flexibility, as well as to improve company competitiveness and allow to make the most of your resources.

Specifically, LCS Automation manages projects concerning:

  • Production process, with complete turnkey solutions engineered in detail, with perfectly integrated hardware and software components
  • Turnkey robotic lines for machining or weldin applications able to guarantee fully automatic and efficient processing and finishing processes
  • Panels, industrial electrical systems and electromechanical installations in various fields
  • Process software, designed to govern the production plant from the Off-line project to the commissioning in the field of PLC, HMI, SCADA and all safety objects and not present in the field

The company, active in the general industry, has a strong specialization in the automotive sector, and provides turnkey solutions completely managed by a single partner.

In 2019 LCS Automation started an acquisition process of the company S.A.M.Ind., active in the field of mechanical design and in the construction of robotic islands, processing islands and special numerical control machines. In the same year, LCS Group enters into a strategic partnership with Manganorobot, a company that offers specialized robot and PLC programming services in the automotive sector.

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