LCS RevampingForerunner of Industry 4.0, with proposals aimed at intralogistics automation processes since 1989, LCS is now highly specialized in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for automatic warehouses and material handling. Solutions studied in detail, reliable over time and which ensure greater efficiency and safety in the flow of products, better use of the plant space and constant control of all handling flows. 

LCS manages the entire life cycle of a plant, from mechanical design to software development up to installation and complete service. The company guarantess the life cycle with preventive maintenance, 24/7 assistance and revamping interventions. The latter allow the update the technological state of the automatic warehouse to modernize it from an electrical, mechanical, software or CE marking point of view, depending on specific needs.

Maintaining the efficiency, value and good functioning of a plant is essential to remain competitive and at the same time ensure an optimal working environment. This is why LCS offers highly customized electromechanical and software maintenance services and plans appropriate revamping and expansion interventions based on constant monitoring of the systems’ performance, including those installed by third parties.

Revamping as a strategic leverage

The term revamping is commonly used to indicate restructuring operations on machines or parts of them. It involves demanding interventions on plants, mechanical parts and structures and, sometimes, the introduction of new automatisms and modern electronic control systems. In other words, revamping is the set of all those operations that allow a machine or plant, such as an automatic warehouse, to relive a second “technical youth”, extending its life cycle.

After analyzing the existing structure and / or components, we proceed with modernization that replace the technological heart of an industrial machinery, updating it with current solutions that allow the plant to improve its performance, while maintaining the original structure.

These interventions allow the plant to start a new productive “life”, thus obtaining several advantages:

  • Increase in terms of efficiency, productivity and plant performance
  • Extension of plant life
  • Modern safety standards
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduction of management costs

Furthermore, the restoration of existing industrial plants is generally less expensive than a totally new project.

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