Today, large supermarket chains and retailers, such as the main players in the world of Food and Beverage, are faced with a new challenge or, alternatively, an interesting new opportunity. The optimization of logistics means storage costs, space, rent, shop reduction and the reduction of picking and delivery errors which represent a huge cost for the reverse logistics.

How can you grow and face challenges without expanding your warehouse and reducing picking errors?

This was the challenge faced by Conad Nord Ovest, a cooperative large-scale distribution company based in Cagliari. With the purchase of 15 Modula warehouses they were able to:

  • store over 35% of the products in their warehouses using just 5% of the warehouse surface;
  • manage over 4,000 packages per day;
  • serve more than 50 stores per day.

Modula VLMs have not only made it possible to reduce both space and errors related to picking, but to also significantly speed up order preparation.

“The picking of goods is now simple, efficient and without errors, and the management of the flows is connected to the WMS vertical system” says Roberto Pau, Head of Logistics, who was the main advocate of this innovation

It is estimated that the cost of order picking is about 55% of the total warehouse expenses; and of this, probably 60-65% is linked to the time taken by the operators to move around the warehouse. Modula VLMs follows the “goods to man” principle, thus saving all the time spent by operators walking around, searching for materials.

“With Modula, the approach to managing goods has changed and the physical effort of operators has been reduced. The focal point is the “ergonomics of people” according to the operators who are now working with the Modula VLM. The most interesting part is the improvement of the ergonomics of the operator and the possibility of minimizing the risks to the people who work in the warehouse. Now, more than ever, the well-being of the operators is a priority for companies and automation plays an essential role in achieving this.

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