Forerunner of Industry 4.0, with proposals aimed at intralogistics automation processes since 1989, LCS is now highly specialized in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for automatic warehouses and material handling. Solutions studied in detail, reliable over time and which ensure greater efficiency and safety in the flow of products, better use of the plant space and constant control of all handling flows.

LCS solutions meet the most different design needs, to name a few: fast picking systems, end-line systems and package shipment, systems for transporting pallets, innovative solutions with automated guided vehicles (AGV) and automated intelligent vehicles (AIV). LCS manages the entire life cycle of a plant, from mechanical design to software development up to installation and complete service. The company guarantess the life cycle with preventive maintenance, 24/7 assistance and revamping interventions.


Increased productivity and safety thanks to LCS integrations

LCS Group is the exclusive partner for Italy of Grenzebach, a German company that offers innovative picking and intralogistics solutions, a manufacturer of innovative automated guided vehicles and manage loads of up to several tons.

The path is in fact determined thanks to the original LCS software, guaranteeing customization and easy integration into existing environments. The implementation of automated guided vehicles (AGV) for material handling is particularly suitable and effective in contexts that involve a large number of picking operations and in contexts where there is the need to enslave articulated production lines with a constant flow of material.

Usually, the handling operations in these warehouse and production contexts take place according to the “man to goods” logic. LCS solutions with AGV Grenzebach determine, in this regard, a reversal of approach that passes from “man to goods” to “goods to man” to mark a marked increase in productivity and safety, gaining in terms of precision, efficiency and effectiveness.


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