Forerunner of Industry 4.0, with proposals aimed at intralogistics automation processes since 1989, LCS is now highly specialized in the design and implementation of turnkey solutions for automatic warehouses and material handling. Solutions studied in detail, reliable over time and which ensure greater efficiency and safety in the flow of products, better use of the plant space and constant control of all handling flows.

LCS solutions meet the most different design needs, to name a few: fast picking systems, end-line systems and package shipment, systems for transporting pallets, innovative solutions with automated guided vehicles (AGV) and automated intelligent vehicles (AIV).

LCS manages the entire life cycle of a plant, from mechanical design to software development up to installation and complete service. The company guarantess the life cycle with preventive maintenance, 24/7 assistance and revamping interventions.

LCS Materials Handling


Innovative solutions: automated intelligent vehicles

The handling of goods stored in a warehouse, or material handling, is one of the activities that have the greatest impact in terms of time, money and resources in the management of the warehouse and, consequently, on the productivity of a company. Being able to optimize material handling is equivalent to making logistics more efficient, increasing customer satisfaction and making the company more responsive to the needs of speed and efficiency required in today’s economic and commercial landscape.

Starting from 2017 LCS consolidates the collaboration relationship with Omron, manufacturer of innovative automated guided vehicles (AIV), through a partnership agreement, to offer complete, reliable and cutting-edge intralogistics solutions on the European market. LCS becomes Omron Solution Partner and therefore one of the reference Omron integrators for fleet applications of mobile robotics in the field of production and intralogistics, throughout Europe. A fruitful collaboration between LCS and Omron, which began in 2017 thanks to the launch of an ambitious project that saw the implementation of a fleet of 7 Omron mobile robots, perfectly integrated thanks to the expertise of LCS in software development and configuration.

Fully automatic, equipped with a self-learning system, the Omron AIV learns the route thanks to Artificial Intelligence, autonomously avoiding unexpected obstacles and thus combining classic transport technology with modern robotics. Thanks to the experience in integrating systems with automated guided vehicles, LCS offers optimized solutions with Omron mobile robots that allow you to increase performance, reduce machine downtime and errors by improving the management of production areas.

LCS is proud to announce that the agreement with Omron has recently been renewed for the two-year period 2021-2022.

VIDEO: Material Handling, LCS way

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