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Mauro Corona, New Business Sales Manager / DEMATIC

ing. Mauro Corona | DEMATIC

In the light of your attendance in 2015, what elements convinced you to return to INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018?

The first edition was positive with concrete business opportunities generated from contacts we made at the fair. This is an essential element for us to evaluate the event positively. In addition, we wish to play an active role in the spreading of the culture of intralogistics and this event is instrumental in helping us to achieve this goal.

DEMATIC Multishuttle

Can you give us some details about the solutions that you will present at the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA in 2018?

At the end of 2016 Dematic became part of a major industrial group (KION). Therefore, the first message that we will be conveying is about the new structure and new philosophy of the group of which Dematic is now a part, positioning itself as a global supplier of intralogistic solutions not only on a geographical level but also with an ample portfolio of products and solutions.

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is positioned within The Innovation Alliance platform with PLAST, IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PRINT4ALL. What are the advantages of this for you?

“The first edition was positive with concrete business opportunities generated from contacts we made at the fair. This is an essential element for us to evaluate the event positively.”

Dematic offers 360 degree key-in-hand, automation solutions for intralogistics, thus, there is a natural synergy with the solutions towards which for example Ipack-ima is oriented. In addition, a large part of the most recent products using Multishuttle technology have been created for the Food sector and in particular the fresh and frozen foods divisions with significant achievements in the meat sector. We expect therefore to offer “food for thought” to those who visit Meat-Tech.

DEMATIC Multishuttle

In your opinion, what will logistics look like in the future? Looking at the market figures for the sector and future forecasts, what are your expectations?

This year we have literally seen a growth in intralogistic automation projects driven by state incentives offered in relation to super-depreciation. If on one hand this is a once-off effect, on the other we are certain that it helped to speed up a necessary trend related to changes in current distribution logistics.


Dematic is a world leading company that offers a complete range of automated integrated solutions, software and services for optimizing the supply chain. It has a global network of over 6.000 highly qualified logistics professionals, engineering centres and production plants located all over the world. Dematic, Egemin and Retrotech, now a part of the KION Group, have created more than 6,000 integrated systems and are able to service small, medium and large companies that operate in several market sectors.
Dematic is a member of the KION Group, a company with its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a world leader in the industrial vehicles sector, related services and solutions for the supply chain. Present in more than 100 countries all over the world, KION Group designs, manufactures and produces logistic solutions that optimize materials handling and information flows for warehouses and distribution centres. The company is the largest manufacturer of industrial vehicles in Europe, the second largest manufacturer in the world of forklift trucks and the leading supplier of warehouse automation systems.

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