The need for picking solutions that optimize picking and placing operations has led Modula to integrate new hardware and software solutions into its range of products. These aim to meet the needs of a market that has never been so competitive, where time and accuracy play an increasingly crucial role. Processing multiple orders at the same time, improving picking speed and preventing errors are all critical issues for warehouse logistics.

With Modula’s storage systems it is possible to automate and speed up warehouse operations but to further improve efficiency and performance Modula developed special picking solutions such as Put to Light devices, picking stations, and picking carts. The new picking solutions developed by Modula guarantee a significant leap in productivity together with the optimization and simplification of picking operations, even more so if combined with automated storage solutions such as, for example, automated vertical storage systems.

Put to Light

Put to Light solutions are the best choice for order preparation when a fast, intuitive, scalable and error-free process is required. In a Put to Light system, the displays visually guide the operator to the containers in which the items for each order must be placed. A luminous display is associated with each location or container assigned to an order. Sorting is carried out by item. Once an item has been identified, the displays visually indicate the container in which the operator must place the item and the required quantity for each order. The WMS software that manages the Put to Light system enables the implementation of different picking strategies, including batch or multi-order picking.

Picking Station

This is a fixed, complete and modular picking station, equipped with various picking positions. It is made up of a sturdy coated steel structure, shelves to support the containers and a number of Put to Light displays with the respective control unit/power supply. The modules can be coupled to expand the station for those who need to process multiple orders simultaneously. Intermediate modules are also available for the installation of monitors, label printers, barcode readers or other accessories.

Picking Cart

This is a mobile, complete and modular picking station, able to adopt different picking positions. It consists of a coated steel cart equipped with 4 pivoting wheels for easy maneuverability, shelves to support the containers, a number of Put to Light displays with the respective control units, power/backup batteries, and a Wi-Fi system for wireless connectivity.


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