Hörmann: solution for cold chain logistics.

Safe, fast and highly insulating, the new F 4010 Cold model is ideal for indoor environments with temperatures down to -30° C.

Hörmann | F2010 Cold

F 4010 Cold is the new hig-speed fold-up door presented by Hörmann, a company that is a global reference point in the door and closure sector. Featuring cutting-edge technologies, this model is particularly suitable for frozen food logistics, an area in which it is extremely important to guaranteethe cold chain with highly efficient insulating solutions. To go into detail, thanks to its high performance in terms of thermal insulation, the F 4010 Cold is the ideal high speed door for internal warehouse environments, typified by temperatures down to -30°C. This closure not only boasts a triple curtain in tear-resistant fabric capable of reducing heat loss, but also has an opening speed of 1 m / s and is equipped with a heated frame that facilitates sliding.

Safety and sizes that fit all needs

Available in in a range of sizes (up to a maximum of 4 metres in width and 4.5 metres in height), the F 4010 Cold meets DIN EN 13241-1 safety requirements and is equipped with an an infra-red light barrier with photo-electric sensor to check the closing level of the door.

Movement of the high speed door is activated by 2 black lifting belts. If these should become damaged, a secondary back-up system with two additional yellow safety belts takes over. Thanks to this patented system, the risk of injury to people or things is significantly reduced, as any danger of the door falling is excluded.


The F 4010 Cold also has a system of special side guidesin wear-resistant PVC, mounted on special supports. If the door is accidentally hit by forklifts or other means, these lateral guides ensure that the closure is not damaged,thus reducing the risk of inconvenient machine stoppages. The high speed door thus has the ability to repair itself after a possible accidental impact: the curtain is released from the side guides and automatically returns to them during the subsequent closing cycle, thereby returning to an operational status.

Hörmann | F2010 Cold

A silent system

This particular guide system makes the closure silent during operation and offers superior wind resistance when the door is closed.

Modern and versatile, the F 4010 Cold also stands out on account of itsclean aesthetics: it is available from stock in five standard colours (zinc yellow, pure orange, carmine red, gentian blue and agate grey) and in six special colours on request (clear ivory, sky blue, opal green, anthracite grey, intense black and pure white). Not only that, this advanced closure can be personalised with eye-catching colour combinations, as well as distinctive prints or company logos.

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