New logistics code reader: KEYENCE SR-5000

Although the logistics sector is facing increasingly tough problems due to the increase in quantities to be shipped and the great variability in the type of packaging, the code reading solutions adopted are not always effective. Traditional code readers, in fact, often suffer of insufficient field of view and depth of field, lack of high speed reading, or are difficult to implement and use, causing frequent reading errors that compromise the entire transmission capacity of the distribution center.

Keyence | SR-5000

SR-5000: the solution

The KEYENCE Logistics Code Reader, SR-5000 Series, offers an optimized solution to all these critical issues, thanks to an ultra-wide field of view, a large depth of fieldand a high-speed reading capability, allowing a reliable acquisition of codes even on multiple fast moving objects. Reading stability is guaranteed even when there are packages of different shapes and sizes that move at different speeds on the same line, regardless of the position of the barcodes on them. The SR-5000 Series is easy to install and operate, eliminating the need of alignment of the boxes on the conveyor belt, thus helping to reduce costs and the risk of malfunctions.

There’s more…

Other than code readers, KEYENCE offers a wide range of high-precision products and devices, both in-line and off-line, such as vision systems, measurement systems, laser markers, sensors, safety barriers, digital microscopes and profile projectors. This wide offer makes it possible to accompany the end user in the research and production process in various industrial and manufacturing sectors, both on automated production lines and in the laboratories of research institutes.

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