In an economy where there are ever more demanding and variable markets, individual businesses require answers that adapt to their specific strategies. Incas has developed, thanks to over more than 25 years of experience and with over 2500 plants in operation, a complete suite of model solutions that are capable of meeting the requirements of various industrial and distribution sectors.

Warehouse & Material Handling Automation

Warehouse & Material Handling Automation

Raw Materials Warehouse Integrated with the ERP system to verify the coherence of orders in real time, managing quality control and/or quarantine policies, verifying stock or cross-docking from production or third party contractors, checking on FIFO or expiries and managing lots and traceability.

Production 4.0. Lean&Smart With thanks to the implementation of an organizational model that integrates Lean and Smart methods (Manufacturing Flow Management System), this enables operation in the final phases of production (assembly) with on-demand logic and the preparation of part-completed items with Kanban logic. Through its simple system of scheduling and Gannt charts, controls timings and priorities, these are updated in real time by the ENKA production advancing control. The mapping of inter-operational warehouses therefore allows for supplying workstations with the correct quantity of components, synchronized with production timings, creating a tight flow which optimises lead times.

The Distribution and/or Finished Products Warehouse Is at the heart of the service of every company needing to satisfy market demand. Orders completed AxA, without errors and the need to be able to trace the consignment throughout each step of the consignment chain, are standard demands these days. The WMS Easystor operational management system enables real time connection with the company ERP, to process the orders, check on stock coverage coherently with the policies adopted, optimise picking and packaging operations, feed uplifts with punctual refilling orders, with combined tasks for reducing times and routes and managing the consolidation and checking-off of the load. This is a complete system that integrates wholly with the TMS module for the organisation of transport.


Management of transport Is the module especially for industrial and distribution companies that outsource transport. Managing tariffs and vehicles in the best manner, costing refuelling, organising routing as a function of the service requirements and costs, are all indispensable operations. The complexities required by the market as a result of increasing levels of personalisation of requirements and requests, need adequate computer support for the avoidance of errors and to augment the efficiency of the service. The DelSy TMS proposed is able to suggest the best options in terms of vehicles and tariffs, to organise journeys in regards to orders, to trace the consignment while informing the client step by step, and to cost the final balance of the operational scope, in regards to both client and/ or supplier invoices.

Material Handling All the organizational models proposed can be interpreted with automation adapted to the various company strategies. The choice is focused on the requirements of the business (machine independent) taken into account, with the mechanical type suggested, reliability, performance, quality/price and availability of spare parts over time. Reliability and maintainability factors are essential for a plant that has an average life of over 30 years. Therefore, the choice of standard components that guarantee continuity are factors that need to be considered for each automatic application. The innumerable plants that use carriers, miniload, multilevel shuttles, shutters and/or vertical warehouses, or motorized roller transport systems with distribution logic, anthropomorphic robots or pick&place portals, AGV and/or LGV, in addition to packaging lines, are able to satisfy all requirements, and are guarantees of proficiency and allow for an in-house support service for all equipment installed. Each plant is evaluated with the correct mix of manual and automated operations to guarantee efficiency, economy, service, but particularly to guarantee operational flexibility and the reliability of the systems.


Customer Care. The element that guarantees continuity of service. Over time and with experience, a service has been finely tuned, that can operate with an extended and organized timetable range, in order to keep all requests under control. Predictive maintenance, enabled using software resident on the unit, keeps the main operational parameters under control, signalling every shift from values of correct operation, preventative maintenance to the maintenance of all equipment requiring controls and periodic maintenance, maintenance contracts and maintenance on demand to cover all plant service guarantee requirements. An organization based on a contact centre equipped with adequate skills, ticketing and intervention monitoring systems allows for attaining problem solution levels within 2 hours; in more than 90% of cases.


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