Suitable for:

  • damping vibration effects in case of uneven surfaces
  • resisting against high mechanical stress
  • high speeds


Suitable on trolleys with powered towing, at a speed up to 16 Km/h (4,4 m/s), for indoor and outdoor transportation, in case of obstacles and irregular surfaces. Its damping system is effective for loads between 50 and 400 daN (for each wheel), while the castor works with no damping in case of lower or higher loads.


In detail:

1) Top plate: electrolytically galvanised forged steel to ensure resistance against heavy-duty conditions
2) External fixed fork: deep-drawn legs electrowelded to the flange to ensure resistance against lateral shocks
3) Swivel actions: axial ball bearing and tapered roller bearing to ensure long-lasting resistance even in case of high speed uses
4) Internal moving fork: deep-drawn legs electrowelded to the tube
5) Polyurethane springs (spring travel 25 mm), to ensure long-lasting stability to the vibration damping system
6) Grease nipple
7) Anti-loosening locknut system

Available also in the version with front adjustable brake; Directional lock available for electrowelded castors EE MHD (not suitable for models with brake)

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