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Passepartout Per la logistica di magazzino

A series of innovations have been introduced in the logistics field with the new release of Mexal, the integrated software for SMEs developed by Passepartout: an established software house in the development of ERP systems. Following the traditional company’s philosophy of native integration of all business departments within the management system, the new logistics functionalities are interfaced with all modules available in the software: from accounting to production.

The major innovation concerns the framework of the warehouse configurationwhich now includes multilevel locations. This step allows warehouse workers to map the entire storage area using three to eight location levels, starting with the basic characteristics of the aisles, shelves and racks. Each item information includes the article’s size, weight and temperature, in order to always have a correct and immediate view of which goods can be stored in specific cells. Areas of stock, picking, loading / unloading up to the state of the cellare also managed in a way in which it is possible, for example, to set restrictions for maintenance purposes. For each cell it is also possible to manage its location and height from the ground.

Passepartout: 3D Warehouse

Another functionality of great interest for workers is the processing of the shelves 3D model, according to the configuration of the warehouse. The peculiarity is, that it is not a simple display, but an interactive interface in which it is possible to search for items and move them, directly on the 3D model. Every change made in 3D mode is recorded by the system for traceability purposes of all movements. It is thus possible to recreate a 3D view of the warehouse that allows to check what is available on the various shelves or racks. Items can also be moved simply using drag and drop functionalities and all operations performed will be automatically recorded in the software. In addition, the system can create the warehouse movement document in compliance with any potential restriction set.

Logistics features available in Mexal are also equipped with the new inventory App. With the PDA application it is possible to define work lists in order to count itemsand detect the quantity available in a specific cell, whilst displaying any variance in order to proceed with inventory adjustment operations. An App that supports the mobile WMS, through which warehouse workers can benefit from a series of functionalities, specifically designed for headquarter storage operations (reception, handling, picking and shipping of merchandize). The interface is suitable both for smartphones and rugged industrial devices with an integrated infrared reader.


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