Rite-Hite leads the way with industrial cooler doors and freezer doors. The FasTrax® FR, an insulated and impactable cooler and freezer door is two times faster than the competition and superior in maintaining environmental control. The Barrier Glider freezer door is more conventional in terms of its bi-parting design, but is unparalleled when it comes to its sealing capabilities. At Rite-Hite you’ll find innovative cooler doors and freezer doors that combine fast operation and a superior seal design like the unique Thermal-Flex Sealing System and InsulMax R-4 curtain. The doors’ high-speed, high-cycle operation features tight seals, insulated panels and outstanding impactability.

If you look around your cooler or freezer doors, you may see signs of costly inefficiencies. Signs of costly energy loss, effort wasted, excess humidity, and time lost are seen throughout the facility, but sometimes it’s too late. If you are seeing frost on the edges of your cold storage door, water or ice on the floor from condensation, or buildup on your freezer walls, ceiling or doors, it is time to replace your door.

Fastrax FR Cooler and Freezer Door

FasTrax FR high-performance door incorporates advanced technology to deliver significant energy savings in cold storage applications. At the same time, the cooler/freezer door is designed around a single-operational platform that sets the standard in industrial door simplicity and reliability. FasTrax FR combines the unique Thermal-Flex Sealing System and the company’s R-4 InsulMax insulated curtain to achieve significant energy savings in the most demanding cooler and freezer applications. The advanced technology minimizes the potential for frost build-up and the need to address unwanted frost with heat lamps.

Fastrax FR Features and Benefits

  • Simply designed around a single operational platform, these highly versatile freezer doors can match virtually any interior, cooler or freezer high-cycle application – reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.
  • Versatile track designs allow the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations and will fit in almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.
  • Inherently safer by design with multiple safety features including the standard Soft Breakaway™ Technology, thru-beam photo eyes and Virtual Vision make FasTrax FR an easy choice for safety.
  • One of the industry’s highest operating speeds with operating speeds up to 100″ per second (2.5 m/sec) the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.

Barrier Glider Freezer Door

The Barrier Glider high speed freezer door for refrigerated warehouses, food manufacturing/processing plants, and grocery distribution centers offers superior environmental separation for cold storage environments. The door’s patented Thermal-Flex Sealing System maintains environmental separation with its superior seal of the opening delivering more value at your temperature controlled openings.

Barrier Glider Features & Benefits

  • Simple, straightforward design provides long-term performance.
  • High speed access with door opening speed of 80″ per second (1.5 m/sec), closing speed of 30″ per second (0.76 m/sec).
  • i-COMM 3 Digital Controller has variable frequency drive. The NEMA 4X box is pre-wired with external connections brought into pre-coded terminals.
  • Superior seal of the opening maintains environmental separation with the Thermal-Flex Sealing System.
  • Energy-efficient design reduces heat gain into cold storage areas, lowers energy costs.
  • Panels seal tight against wall, yet release upon impact with unique panel retention system.
  • Panel design – Flexible, impactable 3″ (76 mm) thick Iso-Tek® panels.
  • Versatile mounting configurations to fit virtually any application.
  • Panel impactability due to tubular track and hourglass roller design. Increased impactability achieved with flexible panel option.

BARRIER GLIDER and FasTrax FR guarantee savings in terms of energy, maintenance and productivity.


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