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Raimondo Raimondi / Marketing Manager / RCM

What elements convinced you to return to INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018?

Raimondo Raimondi | Marketing Manager | RCM
Raimondo Raimondi / Marketing Manager / RCM

RCM has not participated in Intralogistica Italia 2017, but the company has strongly wanted to be present this year for the interest in the sector and to present products that have been designed taking into account the needs of the logistics sector, the GDO, but also the food warehouses and covered fruit-vegetable markets. Combo E, in particular, is the electric combo that washes, sweeps and dries IN ONE PASSAGE with maximum efficiency, allowing great flexibility in planning cleaning sessions. COMBO E allows considerable savings, both on internal and external floors, without compromising.

Can you give us some details about the solutions that you will present at the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA in 2018?

“RCM si aspetta un’ulteriore crescita nel settore e sta progettando macchine robotizzate, concepite proprio nella direzione dell’ottimizzazione delle prestazioni.”

RCM presents three big news in the world of cleaning. COMBO E is the electric combo that sweeps, washes and dries both in closed and open spaces in a more efficient way: it combines the robustness, flexibility and high efficiency of the batteries, thanks to the rapid recharging of the battery. GIGA, on the other hand, is the new medium-sized walk-behind scrubber-dryer, easy to use and with great autonomy. Finally, ATOM E is the fast sweeper, also suitable for lanes, shelves. On-the-fly controls are easier to maneuver and the large load capacity saves time for loading and unloading.

RCM | Atom

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is positioned within The Innovation Alliance platform, co-located with shows such as PLAST, IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PRINT4ALL. What are the advantages of this for your company?

RCM machines can clean any hard surface and are ideal for the sanitation of logistics, warehouses and industries. For each type of dirt and floor there is a machine that cleans effectively. Combo E is suitable for large indoor and outdoor surfaces and is perfect for sweeping, washing and drying lanes and corridors, thanks to the steering front wheel that guarantees minimum inversion space.

In your opinion, what will intralogistics look like in the future? Looking at the market figures for the sector and future forecasts, what are your expectations?

The flow of goods within companies is a fundamental part of the distribution of goods and is a growing sector. Storage systems, packaging systems, storage automatisms involving robotics, sensors, lifting equipment and software make the intralogistics sector increasingly competitive. RCM expects further growth in the sector and is designing robotic machines, designed precisely in the direction of performance optimization.

Since 1967 RCM S.p.A. designs, manufactures and distributes industrial and urban cleaning machines all over the world. RCM was one of the first Italian companies to establish itself in the world of cleaning. RCM was born and grew up in Modena, at the center of a territory characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a strong vocation for quality mechanics and innovation, but today it is an international reality and with a dense commercial network in every country in the world.

RCM provides solutions for industrial cleaning, with machinery built for the specific needs of different types of industries and companies. RCM produces sweepers, scrubbers, combined machines, but also street sweepers and offers a complete catalog for every type of floor and dirt. All RCM machines for cleaning have always been characterized by robustness and reliability, as well as by a rear load that always allows optimal visibility and a larger filtering surface compared to machines in the same price range, for a more efficient cleaning.

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