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Ing. Stefano Daidone, Managing Director di Ravioli S.p.A.

Please give us a short presentation of your company (production, markets in which the company invests, etc.).

Founded in 1926, Ravioli S.p.A. studies, projects and realizes entirely in its headquarters in Milan electromechanical and electronic devices, suitable for different applications. A wide range of specific solutions which includes industrial Radio Remote Controls, Push Button Pendant Stations, Twin Connectors, d.c. Contactors, Slip Rings and Limit Switches. The wide variety and peculiarities of the products we provide allow us to be well present in many Countries worldwide and in various fields of application such as industrial lifting, material handling, packaging and bottling, industrial cleaning and electrical traction, sustainable mobility and, since 2000, wind and solar power. Through the continuous, direct and close relationship with our manufacturers, we are able to study and create personalized solutions for each request, both in terms of technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products: these days we are launching our customized range of Push Button Pendant Station Lady, some models of which can be provided in different colours according to the customers’ needs.

Will you present new products at Intralogistica Italia and if so what are they?

We are enthusiastic about launching so many latest news at Intralogistica: the development of our Twin Connectors Europe Series and, thanks to our new partnership with one of the most important European Companies in the such market, the enlargement of our already well-known range of d.c. Contactors, specifically studied for the application on machineries suitable for industrial material handling. We will be launching also new solutions which enriches our renowned range of Radio Remote Controls, as we have recently started a partnership with the Swedish Group Tele Radio, being appointed as the only authorized dealer of their products in Italy: a mutual collaboration which allow us to provide more focused solutions in specific fields of application. With reference to Ipack-Ima, we take the chance to introduce two important innovations: the new Slip Ring Roller characterized by reduced dimensions and higher rotation speed compared to the previous versions; and the new Slip Ring Touch characterized by improved performances thanks to the wider contact area of the brush with each ring.

How much does Intralogistica Italia count in your company’s marketing plans?

We have always strongly believed in worldwide exhibitions as they are an important moment of interaction with new or consolidated clients and partners, where to study and introduce innovations customized according to the continuous changing of the market. We are confident this first edition of Intralogistica will be successful and we are glad that such an important event related to industrial logistics will take place here in Milan, following a long tradition of international exhibitions which we have been joining for the last 20 years. Our enthusiastic approach to Intralogistica, combined with all the latest news we will be launching there, are a perfect synergy for this event to be a success.

Do you think that the combination of Intralogistica Italia with Ipack-Ima represents an added value in terms of attracting interest of potential customers? If so, why?

We are well aware that the combination of such important exhibitions is a plus for us: not only is our Company renowned for specific solutions for industrial material handling, as proved by the recently international partnerships and by our constant commitment in terms of research and development to satisfy needs in different markets and fields of applications; but Ravioli is also widely well-known for its range of Slip Rings available in various versions and suitable for diversified applications among which packaging and bottling of food and beverage, which will also be one of the main focuses of the worldwide renowned EXPO 2015, taking place in the same period in Milan. The simultaneity of such events and the combination of Intralogistica and Ipack-Ima will be a strength for our Company, by giving us the possibility to interact properly, precisely, exhaustively and thoroughly with all the interlocutors visiting each exhibition, by providing them with specific solutions for all their needs and requirements.

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