RCMCOMBO E, the combined machines which can sweep, wash and dry at the same time, now electric powered, with Lithium iones battery. Maximum power to clean indoor and outdoor large surfaces and flexibility given by lithium iones batteries. COMBO E is equipped with a safe and stable battery which can be recharged at 50% in just 60 minutes. Great and constant performances can be obtained during several years in operation because the battery has been conceived to be partially charged and dis-charged with no effect to the efficiency and working time. This represents a great cost reduction because battery works over 3000 charging cycles.

Whatever are your cleaning needs, you can plan your cleaning proceduresin a flexible way. In fact, partial charging allows to manage your energy resources to save time and money. The operator is no longer forced to plan his job according to the working autonomy and the charging time of the machine; on the other hand, the machine is used according to the job, maximizing its performances. Being able to decide the working autonomy of the machine, planning the usage time, allows to face any need, such as long time cleaning periodsor unforcasted situations.


More information on www.rcm.it.

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