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Roberta Togni, Marketing & Contract Manager / AUTOMHA spa

Can you name some of the characteristics that have allowed AUTOMHA to become a successful company? A success that has recently been confirmed by the awards you have received.

“Certainly one of our strengths has been the ability to interpret the needs of our different markets in the best manner possible, predicting future scenarios, both in terms of development per country and in terms of development by logistic approach and by product sector.
Thanks to our innovative spirit, we can say that we have been pioneers in the creation of new products, concepts and innovative solutions in automatic warehousing, creating a need within the market.
Let’s speak first of all about AutoSat, which has found a niche in companies that want to approach the automation world in a gradual manner, moving from static drive structures to a semi-automatic solutions. AUTOMHA has been producing this shuttle since 2002 and is the largest manufacturer in the world with 500 machines shipped out annually from our Italian Headquarters and 200 machines produced in our Chinese subsidiary, for a total number of installed shuttles of around 3000 machines.
Following this innovation, AUTOHMA created and patented AutoSatMover in 2010, a flexible and modular solution that has revolutionised traditional warehousing logics with the trasloelevator. The enormous dynamics, the low energetic impact and the faster performance offered by this solution, have catapulted AUTOMHA into the ranks of the representatives of the much spoken about 4.0 industry, contributing to the creation of simple automation (it is no coincidence that our slogan is Automation Made Simple!).
In addition, the passion with which the entire team in the 6 Automha offices works, combined with a shared desire to improve, has permitted our company to reach global success, visible today in many markets and in all product sectors, with strong peaks in the Frozen division, where AUTOMHA excels in high performance up to -30C°, in the Food & Beverage and Textiles sectors.”


What do you think the warehouse of a multinational sector-leading company will be like in ten years’ time? Or generally speaking, what will the intralogistics landscape be like in the future?

“The 4.0 world is already a concrete reality of which all companies will have to take account. The warehouse will certainly become an even more strategic choice, an excellent scenario in which to evaluate the changes brought about by this ‘revolution’.
It is and will continue to be important to have a warehouse system that is intelligent, fast, streamlined, that increases the logistics cycle in an exponential manner and which is also available in modules.
This is the response to a consumer market which demands “just in time” and thus needs high performing warehouses, operating 24 hours a day, managing many codes and quantities that can be as reduced as just a single item, ordered today and delivered tomorrow; a warehouse that is a lung, feeding both the manufacturer and final consumer.
If before now warehousing and distribution processes were perceived as a necessary evil and for this reason companies paid little attention to them, today and tomorrow we will have equipment which is able to monitor the production supply chain entirely, permitting complete product tracking thanks to the use of new generation software.
The communication and tracking flows will be continuous and in real time, actually connecting different production sites, even on different continents, offering the operator the possibility to monitor a variety of websites on one screen and to manage them from a desk in a very simple way.”

Can you give us some details about the solutions that you will present at the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA in 2018?

“At the moment we have several interesting projects in the works, some of which will certainly be ready for the next edition. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information now, but a common denominator in all our new products is the desire to offer significant improvements in all application fields and ideas that make warehouses more efficient in a concrete way and simplify their management.”

What feedback can you give us on your attendance at the previous edition in 2015 and what are the expectations from your attendance at INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018? What is the role INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is playing in the sector?

“Our belief in the exhibition was rewarded because we saw strong, concrete interest, above all in our beloved Italy. What’s more the exhibition had a strong ability to create an extremely international and opportunity-rich environment.”

“The last edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA was very positive. We believed in this exhibition from its outset because in our opinion it was an excellent opportunity to showcase Italian companies in the sector and a place to find a response to their needs in the territory.
Our belief in the exhibition was rewarded because we saw strong, concrete interest, above all in our beloved Italy. What’s more the exhibition had a strong ability to create an extremely international and opportunity-rich environment. It is definitely an event that will become extremely important for the Italian logistics world, which up to now did not have the proper visibility.”


INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is positioned within The Innovation Alliance platform. What are the advantages of this for AUTOMHA?

“The union of 4 important exhibitions like IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PLAST, PRINT4ALL and INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA will definitely be an advantage for AUTOMHA. We will be able to exhibit to a wider audience, interested in different processes and production but in the 4.0 context that is strictly connected to the world of warehouse automation. For us this is extremely important because we have worked on creating solutions that are adaptable to different fields and sectors for a long time. In addition, over the last few years we have invested a lot in the food and frozen sectors, even creating large warehouses for the meat and other divisions. The opportunity to expand in this area is definitely of great interest!”

Looking at the market figures for the sector and future forecasts, what are your expectations?

“Logistics is a market in continuous evolution and particularly in current times, with the growth of e-commerce, it is destined to evolve and optimise in a rapid manner. For this reason AUTOMHA is continuing to look for innovative solutions and using international competitors as benchmarks in order to be ready to deal with any requests coming from external markets in the future.”

AUTOMHA | Autosatmover

AUTOMHA’s mission is deeply rooted in its consolidated history and is projected towards continuous development consisting of solutions, systems and machinery for multi-level automatic warehousing. The company, with headquarters in Bergamo, today has 6 foreign offices and sells its automated warehouses all over the world, demonstrating it is a truly international reality. AUTOMHA’s growth is due mainly to its solid foundations, created from passion, years of in-depth study and the ability to adapt to the sudden changes in the logistics world. It is thanks to these characteristics that the company has been able to design and patent some of the most revolutionary machinery in the intralogistics world, capable of drastically revolutionising goods warehousing processes. An example of this is AutoSat, the semi-automatic shuttle for multi-level warehousing launched on the market for the first time by AUTOMHA in 2002. This vehicle distinguished itself immediately for its practical attributes. It can work on normal drive-in shelving, where it can be comfortably moved from one aisle to another by normal forklifts, and it is powered by a removable lithium battery. Following the huge success of AutoSat, in 2010 AutoSatmover, a completely automatic evolution of its predecessor, was developed. It is a modular system composed of a parent vehicle (MOVER), which runs perpendicularly to the warehouse aisles and the Supercap, a totally automatic shuttle that performs tasks on the shelves and is automatically recharged when it returns to the Mover vehicle. Thanks to this system, in 2015 AUTOMHA received an “Honourable Mention” from the association ADI Compasso D’Oro. And that is not all, AUTOMHA’s solutions have also been created and designed to be used in all industrial sectors, allowing the Bergamo based firm to work in any type of market. It is noteworthy that AUTOMHA’s solutions can operate in the challenging freezer sector, where low temperatures usually make the work of mechanical and electronic systems difficult. On the contrary, the Bergamo company’s machinery have been designed and developed to work in temperatures of -30C° to +50C° maintaining consistent performance.

An AUTOMHA warehouse is not composed of just excellent machinery. It is also the result of a system that has been created, designed and installed by the company, which is thus able to offer a complete “key-in-hand” service to its clients. In addition the company offers an in-depth 24/7 assistance and monitoring plan for the system, as well as a detailed training programme designed to make warehouse personnel totally independent.
These innovative services are supported by a complex software system owned by Automha and that allows clients to manage and control the running of both individual machines and the entire system via monitors.
A company that is oriented to excellence and capable of positioning itself among the top companies in the world in terms of innovation and technology.

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