Jack Welch, one of the best known CEOs in history, used to say: “Face reality as it is, not as it was, or as you would like it to be”In these difficult times we must look at the future with a positive attitude and with the aim of continuous improvement. With this in mind the above quote could rephrased as follows: “We should see things as they could be, not as they are”.

Today, more than ever, we have to look at our perspective of the world with different eyes, ready to face more challenges, similar to this, or even completely new ones, in the future. The fluidity of the supply chain is the lifeblood for companies and it is necessary to establish an effective chain that protects it from any future risks, by creating logistics management systems that ensure operational continuity, and always putting the safety of employees first. Automation, along with the diversification of suppliers, the planning of additional and alternative transport methods, and smart software can be the answer to quickly addressing this change.

The big difference within companies today, is automation.

Where systems are automated, business continuity is significantly simpler than in environments  where tasks are primarily manual: companies where people normally work close together will struggle to ensure business continuity and also, in some cases, the ability to  manage spikes in demand generated by the request for goods considered essential.

In the near future, industry will inevitably be increasingly dependent on automation and robotics. Modula helps its customers manage this change, by designing vertical storage systems that can save time, and which provide more efficient inventory management and a significant reduction of errors in order preparation.

Looking to the future, you need to think about the benefits that automation in stock or other business departments can bring, as well as the continuity it can provide. Using automated systems helps to make up for the shortcomings that the state of emergency has highlighted and now, more than ever, it is vital to plan for the future, not to pursue it.



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