Pick-to-Light solutions are effective tools for businesses, which work with continuous production, when it’s necessary to decrease errors, slow-downs and bottlenecks.

The Pick to Light system easily leads operators to the right components and quantity to pick, no training is required. This is made possible by a constantly updated bill of material information interconnected with MES, ERP and PLM management systems.
Pick-to-Light solutions have already been successfully selected by supermarkets, warehouses and manufacturing companies in Italy and overseas.

Customers confirmed that the most noticeable advantages are the “Just in Time” operation implementation and the cost reduction related to inactivity and picking errors, especially if Pick-to-light system is fully integrated in the company’s information systems such as ERP, MRP, WMS, MES, PLM.

Pick-to-Light is recognized to be the fastest material picking system in the industry. The operator just needs to follow indicator lights turning on showing the path to follow.
This is made possible by a constantly updated bill of materials together with the design, production and procurement management systems.

Pick-to-light is paperless and cost-effective tool for logistics because operators don’t have to be trained and they must follow the path exclusively by lighting aids. The system collect data also from operator’s bar code scanning systems and RFID on the selected material without using paper. This decreases the likelihood of making errors and simplifies processes.

Pick-to-Light system introduces in logistics sector the Industry 4.0 approach supported by the government incentive plan as an element of innovation and recovery of the competitiveness of the Italian production system.


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