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Tomaso Collini, Executive Manager / COLLINI SISTEMI

In the light of your attendance in 2015, what elements convinced you to return to INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA 2018?

Tommaso Collini, Collini Sistemipictured above: Tomaso Collini

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA permitted us to make contact with important companies that appreciated the quality of the solutions we offer and today continue to choose Collini Sistemi as a partner that satisfies their needs. Participation in the 2018 edition will give us the opportunity to maintain contacts with a market – that of logistics – which is in constant evolution.

Can you give us some details about the solutions that you will present at the second edition of INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA in 2018?

Collini Sistemi will present RackEye™ at INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA, a shelving protection system that monitors warehouses 24/7 and the new ProfilGate® systems for wheel cleaning, designed specifically for the automation, electronic and food industries. Safety and hygiene in working environments are growing in importance daily and we wish to guarantee a constant growth in the quality of our product range.

INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA is positioned within The Innovation Alliance platform with PLAST, IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PRINT4ALL. What are the advantages of this for you?

“Participation in the 2018 edition will give us the opportunity to maintain contacts with a market – that of logistics – which is in constant evolution.”

The world of goods handling is complex and presents aspects that must be analysed and managed in an integrated way. The Innovation Alliance platform represents an additional opportunity to learn about the players involved in logistics and above all in the packaging sector, gathering information about needs and other specific features that would otherwise emerge less easily.


In your opinion, what will logistics look like in the future? Looking at the market figures for the sector and future forecasts, what are your expectations?

The intralogistic sector is changing very quickly, thanks to automation and requests for eco-sustainabilty. Companies that handle goods will be even more driven in the future to respect hygiene, safety and environmental standards. We expect therefore courage and desire in Italian industries to innovate in order to maintain a role of excellence in the international panorama and accept the challenges of progress.


COLLINI SISTEMI distributes innovative products for hygiene and safety in all goods handling environments in Italy.
ProfilGate®, our flagship product is a mechanical system with brushes integrated on a grill which is placed on the floor and cleans the wheels of passing vehicles and the soles of workers’ shoes, drastically reducing the spreading of dirt in sensitive production and warehouse areas. Collini Sistemi also offers innovative elastic barriers designed and manufactured in Great Britain by A-Safe, a leading company in the manufacturing of permanent polymer barriers, designed to reduce the high-strength impact that can occur in warehouses where forklifts loaded with goods are used.
These safeguards are made with a patented techno-polymer and substitute obsolete metallic carpentry barriers. We are also distributors of Rapid Roll, an innovative system for temporary internal and external area zoning, an alternative to traditional systems using cones and tape, and which permits the zoning of an area in only three minutes.

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