Unicar-Yale: Artificial Intelligence solutions at the show

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Unicar-Yale: Artificial Intelligence solutions at the show

By participating in the most important event of the sector in Italy, Unicar-Yale consolidates its reputation among logistics and material handling operators and confirms its strategy of an increasingly conspicuous and qualified presence and visibility of its brand at sector events.

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From May 3 to 6, Unicar-Yale will present its innovations related to service and telematics management services, based on Artificial Intelligence, at Intralogistica Italia, the main international exhibition of logistics, material handlng and supply chain management in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) area, which will take place at FieraMilano in Rho. The tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world will be able to get to know the features of the technological and management innovations developed by Unicar-Yale to meet customers’ needs, at a time when the transformations of production and distribution scenarios offer extraordinary opportunities to the world of inbound and outbound logistics. In a future dominated by digital integration, logistics and material handling will in fact play a central and increasingly strategic role, thanks to the increasingly rapid spread of Artificial Intelligence, advanced automation, Smart Manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

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Intralogistica Italia is the only global exhibition experiment in the Mediterranean area which combines manufacturing, packaging and logistics in a single solution: in a single exhibition space, operators from the most diverse industrial sectors meet and create new business in relation to complete systems for materials handling, storage, sorting, picking and loading, with an overview of the latest developments in automatic warehouses, warehouse accessories, AGVs, industrial trucks, batteries and chargers, RFID, Asset Tracking and application software. A meeting place where manufacturers, opinion leaders, stakeholders and end-users become part of an ever-growing community, capable of expressing all the potential of the industry in a single event. Also for 2022 Intralogistica Italia has renewed its membership of The Innovation Alliance, the brand that unites the best of the instrumental mechanics in a supply chain logic: from the production to the distribution of the finished product, passing through the factory logistics. The partnership with AISEM, the Italian Association of Lifting, Elevation and Handling Systems, which brings together the best national entrepreneurs for the construction and distribution of machines for the handling and lifting of materials, ensures further richness and authority in the contents, in the program of conferences and in all the many initiatives scheduled during the event.

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Yale at the show

Vittorio Consonni, National Major Account Manager, and Giovanni Vanzulli, Territory Manager of Yale Material Handling, the multinational group to which Unicar-Yale belongs, will be attending the fair together with the sales staff:


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«Intralogistica Italia is the first Italian event that guarantees a very high and specifically dedicated audience for exhibitors, as well as representing the main event of the vertical direct sector of logistics and material handling in Italy, with a focus on activities, trends and development of tools (software, hardware, machinery, new technologies, racking, services, etc.. ) related to the various production sectors connected. Unicar-Yale will be the protagonist with its technological innovations, together with other companies producing machinery, software companies, logistics and other areas ranging from food to beverage, from components to industrial production, from automotive to large-scale retail trade, representing the excellence of the production sectors».

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INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA will be only the first, as well as the most important, of a series of events and exhibitions in which Unicar-Yale has already ensured its participation during 2022. We look forward to seeing you at FieraMilano at our 50 m2 stand, located in Hall 6, Aisle B/C, stand 45/46.

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