Succeeding in the e-commerce market not only depends on how great your products are, but how fast you’re able to get them out the door and into the buyer’s hands.

As the e-commerce industry has grown, so have customer expectations. Today customers are placing orders more frequently, in fewer quantities, later in the day and expecting delivery faster than ever before. Customers now consider 2-day delivery slow with next-day and even same-day delivery becoming the standard. When B2B warehouses can’t deliver as promised, chaos is the result. Suppliers are left looking foolish and without the goods they need.

Kardex | Magazzino automatico

How to move forward?

Over the next 5-10 years, the industry is going to see more automation with advanced capabilities, and with a much heavier reliance on automation and robotics. The idea of a “dark building,” where robotics and automation run autonomously 24/7, is definitely making headway. Kardex Remstar has created systems to boost order fulfillment for companies in the wholesale, retail and e-commerce industry segments with 24-hour service and overnight delivery.
Kardex | LR35 FramePickThe LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module LR 35 (pictured on the right) is one of the fastest vertical storage systems on the market, enabling businesses to increase picking performance and reduce costs.

In addition, FramePick is designed to speed up order picking performance, minimize picking errors, reduce walking distances and optimize storage space and volume. In fact, warehouse personnel foot traffic may be reduced by as much as 65%.
With the future in mind, systems can be implemented with minimum configuration and then expanded as required for both seasonal peaks and long-term growth.

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